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Residents demonstrate against Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria



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Saraqeb residents took to the streets on Friday (January 25th) to protest the recent actions of Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) in areas under its control in Syria, Lebanon's NOW News reported.

JAN, a jihadist group active in Syria with ties to al-Qaeda, expelled foreign correspondents from a cultural centre in Saraqeb, Idlib and forbade unveiled women from entering areas under their control, the news website reported.

Ahmad Kaddour, a spokesman for Sham News Network, said Saraqeb residents submitted a complaint against the group to the court system run by the Syrian opposition.

"We are now waiting for the result and will not keep silent about these actions," he said.

Meanwhile, the Saraqeb branch of the opposition-affiliated Local Co-ordination Committees issued a statement saying it holds the leaders of the Revolutionary Brigade Front of Saraqeb and its countryside "responsible for the protection and security of citizens, displaced people and Arab and foreign journalists to ensure individual freedoms for all".

"We await the results of the [court] investigation to swiftly hold accountable all those involved in this dirty deed," the statement said.



    احمد نائل


    Damn the news of the corrupt media. Do you want to foment the sectarian strife between the unified people? In addition, some individuals defend the militias and thing that they are heroes.

  • rama.mostafa


    May God protect Syria

  • البتبتبلت


    Syria is bleeding and the Arabs just watch.

  • نصاري


    Say: Naught befalleth us save that which Allah hath decreed for us. He is our Protecting Friend. In Allah let believers put their trust!

  • ابن الحولة


    The Nusra Front is respected and loved by us all.

  • مممممممممممممممممممممم


    Currently, all people are sad over them, especially the foreign women. The Syrian people can hardly achieve victory.

  • ali aliraqi


    We have always warned our brothers in Syria not to allow Al-Qaeda to enter their country because they have destroyed all the beautiful things in Iraq, but they did not listen to us. The regret will be useless now.

  • محمود الكردي


    Those who advocate Islam must know its rulings, rather than explaining and using his own opinions to judge and killing the people. This is offensive to Islam and it humiliates the people under the name of Islam.

  • ح


    May God guide us to what is best.

  • مايسة العسال


    The revolution which does not serve religion is a failed uprising. You are preoccupied with fighting each other so as not to support your brothers in Syria. The West must disappear. The Muslim rulers used to ask Obama for help whenever they had an internal crisis. Still worse, the West and Israel are allowed to give their consent on the Constitution of the Islamic State.

  • مثنى حمد علي


    Unfortunately, Syria is being burnt at the hands of the Syrians themselves.

  • rozebrawn


    We, the people of Syria and Aleppo, do not need anyone who understands nothing about the religion to teach us. The Prophet, peace be upon him, is the best role model for the treatment of the polytheists, Jews and Christians. No to murder, no to the Nusra Front, no to extremism and superficiality in the understanding of religion. I study sharia and I have not found any justification for their entry and terrorism. Did not they know that our dear Prophet, peace be upon him, conduced the Al-Hudaybiyah peace treaty? Did not they learn that the Prophet, peace be upon him, used to study his battles before fighting them? If you realize that this is a violent regime that will destroy everything, why did you begin a fight that you will only win at the expense of the lives of all Syrians? No to the Nusra Front.. down with the criminal regime. Yes to the dialogue and getting out of this crisis.

  • ابوخليل


    May God grant them victory over their enemies.

  • عبد الله العمروسى


    They have frankly got the right to demonstrate because we have to face whoever restricts the freedom of Syrians. Bashar and his acts against his people are enough and do not need any Nosrah which is manipulating women and expelling foreigners. It has really become a farce in all sense of the word. Anyone who wants manipulations comes to take control of Syrians. Thus, Syrians in Saraqb and other provinces must face the Nosrah Front, the new enemy of Syria, which belongs to al-Qaeda, and destroy all its bases once for all in the country in order to prevent a larger catastrophe in the future. Thus, I would like frankly to greet whoever comes out of his house in Saraqb and Nadi and says “no” to the Nosrah. These people have really recognized that it is dangerous for Syria as a whole that al-Qaeda has settled its first step in Syria.

  • ستار خلف


    The people of Saraqb should be more intelligent than this, because I think that we should work together to get rid of Bashar, and then we can agree upon distributing the wealth. I think we shouldn’t direct all our efforts towards the Al Nusra Front, because it’s not part of Al Qaeda, and there is a difference even if it is, so we can benefit from the situation to purify the country from Bashar. In general, there are no more than three thousand persons who belong to the Al Nusra Front, and if we defeat Bashar and his system, it will be easy for the Syrians to get rid of them or make peace with them. The most important thing now is to keep the confrontation directed at Bashar only, in order not to divide the attacks. If we become divided, weakness will prevail in Syria, and we don’t want this at all. In my opinion, cooperation will give us strength against our enemy, Bashar.

  • سلطان وسيم


    The people of Saraqib would not make these demonstrations if they do not know who the Nusra is and its relationship with al-Qaeda. Thus, I personally encourage them for what they have done. We will say “no” to any organization that follows al-Qaeda. We will also say “no” to anyone who wants to manipulate women and the foreign guests of Syria.

  • محمد عزت


    The situation in Saraqib is escalating because of the strange acts and the several violations of the jihadist Support Front against the Syrians in Saraqib. Hence, the residents of Saraqib organized a protest to express their anger in a civilized way in order to stop any harm against anyone of the people of Saraqib. However, I think that they have to think about a solution to keep the Support Front out of their area or country because it works for Al-Qaeda. Hence, I see that the whole world must pay more attention to the situation in Syria. All countries must work hard to stop the works of the Support Front there to restore the security to situation in Saraqib away from what is happening now.

  • مصطفى محمود


    I see that the disasters afflicting the Syrian people are endless and countless. Every day, we hear that Bashar has committed a horrible crime against the people. Yet, what is happening in Saraqib is added troubles. This is the first time I hear about Jabhat al-Nusra, and it seems that it was trying to show off its power or prove its existence in Saraqib. This front is a branch of Al-Qaeda and this is known to all people. Hence, we have to find the suitable solution to stop the destruction and collapse that Jabhat al-Nusra is committing under the pretext of protecting the people in Saraqib. The people of Saraqib demonstrated to be saved and to find some party to take care of their demands. I think this is enough and the people there have been bored with Jabhat al-Nusra and them expelling the foreigners from the cultural center. May God help the people of Saraqib and I wish that the UN would do anything to the people there to resist the acts of Jabhat al-Nusra.

  • سمير المرسى


    A security center, a building, a school, a police station, a road or a bridge. They are all civilian locations and targets and they only control them for one hour. After that, they withdraw under the strikes of the Syrian army. The military experts realize the significance of this. These victories are no more than soap bubbles.

  • غسان المصرى


    There is no power but from God. The so called Nusra Front is above all a terrorist group. The terrorist groups have only one objective, the targeting of the ordinary people. It seems that the lives of the Syrian people have become insignificant to others. We are contented with weeping over our own mistakes. Unfortunately, we do not see any official in the world launching an initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis. It is really necessary for the Syrian people to find a solution. Indeed, such solution would not come out of nothing. Of course, it is necessary that all officials in the world cooperate to solve this problem. Cooperation is very important. A single nation could not help alone. Thus, we are supposed to cooperate in order to overcome the current situation. The people in Saraqib are in desperate need to get rid of the Nusra Front. I am really wondering where this “Front” came from exactly. The poor Syrian people are torn between the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad, al-Qaeda network and the terrorist Nusra Front.

  • مناضل


    The fate of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria will not be better than the fate of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Just like they were expelled from Anbar after its people woke up, today, the people of Saraqeb will also revolt to defend their country and people from the Takfiris, who are financed by Turkey and Qatar.

  • ابو ماجد


    This is right.

  • جواد ياسر


    Of course these demonstrations are among the demands of Saraqib residents. This because the Nasr Front is now in control of the area in a despicable manner, which reminds me of the Futuwwas (gangsters who control and protect certain areas in return for money) who used to control different areas of their own. But I think that there is a difference between those Futuwwas and the Nasr Front in Saraqib because the Futuwwas never bully their own people. They even protect their areas like normal police forces. But I don't know what this Nasr Front exactly wants. Does it want Saraqib residents to be nonchalant to what is happening outside their area? And where are the government and human rights organizations? How can the Nasr Front establish dominance over the area? For those who don't know the Nasr Front, they are a Jihadist front according to them. But I'm against this idea because if they were Jihadists, with whom is their Jihad affiliated? With al-Qaeda? If that is the case, then woe to both the Nasr Front and al-Qaeda. It is unfair to see every day a new front or a new group that in the end become affiliated with al-Qaeda. We really had enough of that.

  • عبد الله العمروسى


    I think that the people of Saraqib in Syria are aware and patriotic enough to make this demonstration given that the Nusrah Front is no less malicious than al-Qaeda or could possibly be an undivided part of this terrorist organization. In fact, if it faces bastard Bashar Assad now, this will not be a kind of Zakat or sympathy with the people from their part or because they are a part or faction from the people. This is not so at all. This is rather a step forward in order to get rid of the tyrant Bashar Assad and then impose their control over the country. In fact, we have to admit that their number ranges from one to five thousand individuals. Frankly speaking, we neither want that the people will sympathize with them nor their number will increase. Indeed, this demonstration will reveal to Syrians who the Front of the Islamic Nusrah in Syria is.