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Sahwa field commander killed in attack



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Unknown gunmen on Tuesday evening (January 22nd) killed the field commander of the Samarra Sahwa forces in al-Jalam, eastern Samarra, Salaheddine police said.

"Unknown gunmen stormed the house of Sheikh Sabbar al-Abbasi last night after killing two of his guards, then killed him and fled to an unknown place," Salaheddine police spokesman Hasan al-Majmaie told Al-Shorfa.

Al-Majmaie said the victim held several positions within the Sahwa forces, helped crack down on al-Qaeda between 2008 and 2009, and, in co-ordination with army forces, put an end to the influence of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Samarra.

Police are currently searching for the perpetrators after receiving reports from citizens were near the scene of attack, he said.



    كرار الحسن


    We belong to Allah and to him we shall return. The murder of the Iraqi members of the Sahwa forces is a disaster and I really wish to be in their place. Those who support me should accompany me tomorrow to be among the Sahwa forces and replace the martyr. In this way, we will form a strong front against terrorism. If the terrorists killed one or five, they will be replaced with five thousand. I want to say to the terrorists that you will never make us fear assassination or bombings. The life is so short and we will never accept your malicious works. We will defeat you, whether you accepted this or not. We will fight you all. If you killed us we will enter Paradise and be martyrs. If we killed you, we will live honorably. Both options are good and if you really know Islam, you would have realized that the martyrdom is better. The martyrdom of the Sahwa forces and ordinary Iraqis is true, while yours is fake. You will be punished in this world and hereafter, as God promised those who kill the Muslims without right.

  • مراد الروح


    May god punish those who killed the Sahwa leader who didn’t do any fault other than defending his country and trying to tackle terrorism. However, the coming days will prove that no terrorist will ever be able to carry out such crimes because the Iraqi people have become more aware and are ready to confront terrorism. Iraqis know that they can’t escape doing their duties and face terrorism man to man so long that the terrorists desire the demise of the Iraqi people. In addition, I hope that the Iraqis will take revenge for every Iraqi citizen who lost his live in order to get rid of the terrorist groups. Uniting against terrorism makes it very easy to get rid of terrorists. Also, every Iraqi person who has any information about any terrorist group must immediately approach the Iraqi police and provide them with any information relating to the weapons caches that contain weaponry and explosives. This would make it easy for security personnel to go to these places immediately in order to rid Iraq from any other terrorist operations.

  • سامر سهل


    I expect that the damned terrorism will get out of Iraq very soon because in this way the individual counterstrikes against the relatives and family members of the targeted person is a sign of weakness. We should not forget to say to the families of this leader to be patient. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return. However, we should not despair and we have to admit that terrorism will leave our country soon. Currently, they are about to get rid of the terrorist masterminds in Iraq. I wish that no member of the Sahwa forces would allow this to dishearten them. Rather, they should complete the procession, ask mercy for their colleague, and continue their procession towards achievement of a higher objective, which is the purification of Iraq from the corruption of those terrorists to be trialed, God willing. We hope that this will heal the hearts of all people in Iraq.