Iraqi police arrest 'al-Qaeda religious guide' in Diyala



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Iraqi police and army forces have arrested Ali al-Tayyar, "al-Qaeda's religious guide", and three of his aides in a security operation in al-Meqdadiya, northeast of Baqubah, the capital of Diyala province, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said Saturday (January 19th).

"A special Iraqi police force, supported by a combat unit from the Iraqi army, carried out an attack on a residential building where al-Qaeda's religious guide Ali al-Tayyar, who specialised in issuing fatwas, giving licenses to carry out terrorist attacks and blessing suicide bombers, was staying," said Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications at the ministry.

Security forces also arrested three gunmen, all wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on terror charges, accompanying al-Tayyar, al-Masari told Al-Shorfa.

Likewise, police seized weapons and explosives, including three improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as books and leaflets calling for violence and suicide bombings, during the raid, he said.



    زهور محيي


    Dear Diyala, welcome these arrests and you will be eventually victorious! This city is very beautiful as I lived in it for three years and saw its beauty and I wish that they were not harmed at the hands of those corrupt terrorists. We thank God for making Iraqis capable of confronting terrorism and arresting this religious guide, which preaches a different religion and ideology. Diyala will always be on top of the peak of glories and I will return to it someday to make sure that its condition is certainly better.

  • صادق علي


    The Iraqi government is doing the right thing by exerting such gigantic efforts. The government is indeed trying its best in order to make Iraq free of any terrorist and get rid of al-Qaeda members who are spread all over the place in Iraq. Perhaps the most important achievement made by the government of Iraq is arresting al-Qaeda’s religious leader in Diyala. Hence, arresting this individual will go a long way in making it easy for the Iraqi government to get rid of any heinous crimes that could take place in the future.

  • شاكر عمران


    The Iraqi government has realized that there is no way to get rid of al-Qaeda members other than through arresting their senior leaders. The most senior of these leaders is probably al-Qaeda’s religious leader, and I wish and pray to god to set Iraq free from all al-Qaeda members. There is a great and complicated crisis and a direct solution must be forged.

  • زيد الحنين


    No one can deny that the suicide operations have increased in Iraq. This idea was not inspired from the imagination, but al-Qaeda’s members are the ones who are committing these nefarious operations. They are targeting the security and the future of Iraq. I ask the al-Qaeda organization to stop their attacks. Also, I wish that the Iraqi government would work on more intensive campaigns in Iraq that will enable it to arrest and put an end to these criminals. Therefore, in my opinion, the Iraqi government needs to increase the number of security forces’ members by training new troops in order to cooperate with the Iraqi police. All this will guarantee a good quality of security and safety for Iraq. So, all thanks and appreciation to the Iraqi government.

  • منير السعدي


    May God bless the police of Iraq. The penalty of those corrupt people is death and murder so that Diyala, Baghdad and all cites of Iraq enjoy security and safety. If the penalty isn't immediate and strong, we will all live in Iraq under the umbrella of fear, and worry, away from the safe life we all truly want. The stronger the army of the state, its police and people are, the weaker terrorism is.