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Yemeni officer killed by gunmen near Sanaa



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Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen on Thursday (January 17th) killed a Yemeni security officer in Dhammar province, south of Sanaa, Yemen's official news agency Saba reported.

Col. Abdullah Abdul Wahab al-Mawshiki, assistant provincial security chief for security affairs, was on his way home from work when two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on him with pistols, killing him instantly, the news agency said.

Security agencies are now conducting large-scale investigations to identify those involved in the attack, the agency reported.

According to the Yemeni Interior Ministry, at least 44 people -- 40 policemen and four civilians -- were killed by gunmen on motorcycles in 2012.

Earlier this year, the ministry launched a campaign in Sanaa to impound motorcycles without license plates in an attempt to limit these repeated attacks.



    سطام ناصر


    Woe to those who killed the Yemeni officer whose sole concern was defending his nation. What’s more, the assassination of this officer was rather strange since he was on his way back to his home. This means that his assassination has been preplanned and plotted earlier and the cowards who perpetrated the assassination were driving a motorbike to escape the crime scene faster. However, it is certain that they belong to al-Qaeda since al-Qaeda members are the only ones who don’t want any Arab nation to enjoy security, peace or tranquility. The soldier was at no fault at all other than that he was in the process of performing his duties towards his nation. May God have mercy on this soldier and may He make his abode in His spacious gardens. May God also grant him martyrdom and reunite us with him in paradise. God willing.

  • باسل جمال


    I believe the Yemeni government should not keep quiet regarding the killing of one of its officers. This is not the first time this has happened; a lot of police officers have been killed in this mysterious way. If Al Qaeda is the perpetrator of these acts, this shows what cowards they are.