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Abu Ghraib attacks kill 2 Iraqi policemen



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Two policemen were killed and two others were wounded Friday (January 18th) in two separate attacks in northern and central Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad, Iraqi police said.

"An improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near a police vehicle in al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in central Abu Ghraib, killing a police officer (a major) and a policeman," Abu Ghraib police chief Col. Sabah al-Falahi told Al-Shorfa.

In the second incident, unknown gunmen attacked a control tower in al-Hamdaniya neighbourhood in the northern part of the city, wounding two policemen, he said.

Police arrested one person suspected of involvement in both attacks, al-Falahi said, noting that "the two attacks carry al-Qaeda's fingerprints".



    كرار سالم


    May God the Almighty have mercy on everyone who sacrificed his life to protect the Iraqi people. The main interest of the Al-Qaeda organization is to kill and target the Iraqi policemen and security members in a special way. Therefore, this makes the Al-Qaeda organization and its members the only suspect in the operation of killing the members of the security forces, as they have numerous locations in Iraq. In fact, the killing of the policeman in Abou Gharib, specifically the Zaytoun neighborhood, is proof of how widespread they are in Iraq. These evil members of the Al-Qaeda organization always use these hideous methods and commit all the suicidal operations to get rid of the Iraqi security members. God the Almighty always stands with the righteous and he will help the Iraqi security forces to get rid of the Al-Qaeda organization’s members as soon as possible, God willing.

  • سيد مرتضى


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. The policeman was performing his work when the bombs and explosives next to him blew up and took away his life. Of course, this falls in the terrorist plans and mean acts. The terrorists are the scum of the earth and they made the blood of the people worthless despite the fact that God has forbidden whatever may harm anyone out of the course of justice. There is no power except with God the Almighty. All the Iraqis who could help in stopping the terrorists in Iraq should do it because those terrorists are like cancer that no one knows from where it will come or where it will go. What happened to the officer at Abu Ghraib could happen at any place in Iraq. The Iraqi police will never manage to stop all such mean acts. The situation is very difficult and we do not know how things are going... We seek God's help against them.