Iraqi police kill suicide bomber at Diyala checkpoint



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Iraqi police killed a suicide bomber on a motorcycle Thursday night (January 18th) when he tried to attack a joint police and Sahwa forces checkpoint in northern Diyala province, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

"A police force killed a suicide bomber on a motorcycle speeding towards a checkpoint in al-Meqdadiya district, north of Baqubah," ministry spokesman Col. Saad Maan told Al-Shorfa.

The motorcycle was blown up before it could reach the checkpoint, he added.

A policeman was slightly wounded in the blast, Maan said, but left hospital a few hours later after receiving treatment.



    ضرغام طارق


    One of the first and major steps towards freedom from al-Qaeda’s threat in Iraq was the killing of this suicide bomber at a checkpoint in Diyala. This way, the al-Qaeda members realized that their surrender is inevitable. Also, as long as the Iraqi security forces know what their possibilities and their capabilities are, they will be able to face any foul crime that al-Qaeda’s members may commit. Maybe this is the hope of all the the Iraqi people. However, I suggested that the Iraqi people must necessarily cooperate with the Iraqi police. In fact, any information from the Iraqi people will be a clue and a way in which the Iraqi security forces can discover any cache or any attack they are planning to commit and deter it. We appreciate the Iraqi security forces’ efforts in pursuit of its great achievements.