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At least 19 Iraqis killed in 4 explosions



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At least 19 Iraqis were killed and 72 others wounded on Thursday (January 17th) when car bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) blew up in different areas across the country, police officials said.

In Dujail district, Salaheddine province, nine people died and 35 were wounded when two cars bombs exploded near a mosque, said Salaheddine police spokesman Hasan al-Majmaie.

Among the dead were seven policemen who were inspecting the scene of an earlier attack, he said.

The blasts set the mosque and nearby shops on fire, he added.

South of al-Hilla, Babil province, a booby-trapped car exploded near a police checkpoint in al-Qasim, killing 10 policemen and wounding 20 others, including seven civilians, Lt. Col. Dhia Khalil al-Hilli of the Babil police told Al-Shorfa.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Interior Ministry reported that 17 people were wounded, including nine Pakistanis, when an IED exploded near a bus carrying Pakistani visitors in Miraab Aoun.

Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications at the ministry, told Al-Shorfa that the blast caused extensive material damages, and accused al-Qaeda of responsibility for the attack.





    It was said that they fight the occupiers and after the occupiers are gone whom are they fighting? They established the Islamic state, yet they kill the sons of this state and they blow up the markets and roads of that state. Who is targeted by these blasts? Are they the Muslims, sons of the homeland or the invisible enemy? Is their jihad against the infidels or against the sons of the people whom they claim to rule? Are the murdered from the infidels or Muslims?

  • هيفاء محمد


    Azzat Al-Douri fulfilled his promise by targeting the civilians and the military personnel. He is exploiting the needs of Anbar to support his terrorist acts.

  • شريف منير


    We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs and we wish quick recovery to all the wounded people. May God take revenge on the aggressors and those who assist them and accept what they do.

  • سيف مهدي


    The troubles that are faced by the Iraqi people every morning are heavy. Every morning, the world wakes up to build and develop, while the Iraqis are preoccupied in bandaging the wounds and burying the bodies because of the terrorism. I ask God to curse the terrorists and show us the wonders of His power against them. We seek God's help against the terrorists who commit these crimes against the great Iraqi people. The same thing applies to all those who see to spread the ideology of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

  • شباب العراق


    O God! Destroy Al-Qaeda and grant victory to true Islam and Muslims, because those fake Muslims made Iraq a bloodbath that is full of blood, terror, intimidation, and limitless fear. Al-Qaeda terrorist organization intimidated each one of us and made us doubt any peaceful way of living safely. It is enough that more than 30 people were martyred in different areas in Iraq and more than 200 others were injured because of Al-Qaeda and terrorism. When will we feel that we are safe and secure? Those mean traitors have broken us psychologically and all what we have today is to seek God’s help against them. We will do this every morning patiently and seek God’s reward.