At least 32 killed, 181 wounded in attacks across Iraq



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At least 32 Iraqis were killed and 181 others wounded Wednesday (January 16th) when multiple blasts struck central and northern Iraq, officials said.

In central Kirkuk, two car bombs exploded simultaneously near the local headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Atlas Street, killing 21 people, including eight policemen, and wounding at least 145 others, said Kirkuk police spokesman Col. Salam al-Jaf.

In Salaheddine province, four civilians were killed and 30 others were wounded when a car rigged with explosives detonated near another local KDP headquarters in Tuz district, according to Salaheddine health directorate spokesman Dr. Ghanem al-Tarifi.

In Baghdad, seven civilians were killed and six others were wounded when four IEDs exploded in the neighbourhoods of al-Ameriya, al-Ghazaliya, al-Karrada and al-Dora, said Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications in the Interior Ministry.

Al-Masari said al-Qaeda was behind the attacks, which he said were "aimed at provoking strife among Iraqis". Security forces declared a state of heightened alert and opened investigations into the attacks, he said.



    حسين اللامي


    The political blocs are, of course, responsible for the murder of the innocent. The Iraqi List occupies a leading position in this respect, given that it is using security as a political card in order to impose its filthy elements. The list of Iyad Allawi is responsible for the murder of the innocent.

  • وليد احمد


    Oh my God! The number of victims is huge indeed! I ask God to have mercy upon them. I am astonished because they detonated four car bombs all at once. This is a massacre! What is the guilt of the child who understands nothing? What is the guilt of the shy women? You terrorists are sick people and you are preoccupied with the disease of bloodshed. You prepare cars with your own hands to kill the people! Are you hired mercenaries or do you have your own agendas? Your policies are based on vandalism and arson. What is the cause of this? May God curse you! You claim that you are advocates of Islam but I swear by God that you know nothing about Islam. However, what you need to know about Islam is that God and His messenger have nothing to do with you! You think that you are defending Islam, but actually, you do not understand anything about what you are doing. We seek God's help and support!

  • نهرو الفيلي


    The death of the 32 young Iraqis and the injury of many others is a real disaster and all parties must understand that Iraq will not remain silent and that there will be a response to this because this happened in many Iraqi cities. We curse Al-Qaeda because of these horrible attacks and we will never accept at any time that those bastards rule us. They do not know the religion, wisdom, politics or the suitable way to handle things. We already see nothing from them except destruction, bloodshed and dead bodies. This is why we are convinced that they know nothing about Islam. May God curse those hypocrites.

  • saddam salim


    We are really scared in Iraq because the conditions are very threatening here. Every day, we hear about resounding bombings. For this reason, the authorities are supposed to restore in this country and to provide assistance to the victims of such bombings. In fact, the Security Forces are on the verge of eradicating the terrorist bombings altogether. The authorities are seeking to eliminate the roots of terrorism. It is important to address the causes leading to the emergence of terrorism. I daresay that the task is somehow easy. However, we should note that al-Qaeda could hide a lot of explosives in other hideouts. In this respect, the Iraqi Government and the Iraqi Army have recently managed to find a workshop to prepare the booby trapped cars in Anbar. The workshop used to provide al-Qaeda with assistance to carry out bombings in Iraq. The unveiling of such things could reassure the Iraqi people about the future of their country and rid them of fear and panic.