Trial begins for 17 terror defendants in Saudi Arabia



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The trial of 17 defendants accused of planning several acts of terrorism began Monday (January 14th), Saudi Arabia's Okaz reported Tuesday.

In the first hearing of the trial, the prosecutor charged six defendants with creating a terrorist cell, planning to carry out terrorist operations targeting Aramco and its employees, and infiltrating Iraq to take part in fighting there, in addition to other charges.

The prosecutor also accused cell members of attempting to carry out a terrorist operation targeting fuel tankers on their way to Kuwait, smuggling explosives, receiving and sheltering perpetrators of two terrorist attacks, hiding a number of al-Qaeda elements and financing terrorist operations.



    كامل أبو محروس


    The Saudi government is fulfilling its duties in the best way towards the Arab world as a whole. In fact, Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries which seek to serve the public interests. The situation has become very shameful, for unknown reasons. However, even if they know the reasons, no one will rescue the distressed. Indeed, terrorism and the terrorists are among the main problems that endanger the Arab nations. The terrorist crimes have depleted the strength of the Arab nations. The Saudi government’s procedure of arresting and tightening sanctions against seventeen accused terrorists will make it easy to arrest the others. They are a real threat to the safety of the countries, especially Iraq.

  • سليمان الراسى


    This is the right sentence. The terrorists deserve such severe sentences. We should arrest, try and then execute the terrorists. Then, we move on to the next. The Saudi Government is very practical. Frankly speaking, this is the right way to handle the situation. Otherwise, the issue would be time-consuming. We do not want to see Saudis suffer from the presence of terrorism. This is important for the economy, the workers, the Hajj and the Umrah. For example, a company, such as Aramco is employing workers from various countries around the world. It ensures the livelihood of many families. The terrorists were seeking to destroy it. Why on earth? This is really unbearable. Such things prove that the terrorists are actually psychiatric patients. They had managed to infiltrate into the Iraqi territory in order to take part in the fighting. Indeed, they are seeking nothing but ruining, killing and blood shedding. They want to spread horror and murder. Thus, the honest Saudi people should punish them severely in order to send the right message to whoever wishes to get involved in the terrorist attacks. The terrorists are a plague that should be eradicated, particularly in Saudi Arabia. May the Lord grant success to the rulers and the judges in their efforts to eradicate the terrorist movements legally and as soon as possible! We need to send the right message to whoever wishes to get involved in terrorist groups in Saudi Arabia. The terrorists should not even think of such things.

  • يوسف العياط


    The Saudi Government has managed to carry out an unexpected job and it is really worthy to do that because it is doing its utmost to improve the level of Arab nations. In fact, the Saudi Government has realized that the solution in the renaissance of the Arab nations will not come from void but thanks to the work of its sons in getting rid of all the terrorist forces that exist in the Arab world. Indeed, it is clear that terrorists have settled inside the Arab world, and particularly in Iraq represented in al-Qaeda, in Kuwait, Yemen and many other countries. However, the trial of more than seventeen members involved in terrorism supposes that the rest of terrorists should be under arrest. However, the issue requires some time. Thus, I call on the Arab Governments to work on arresting terrorist groups in order to get rid of them once for all, enough victims!

  • محمد عبد الله


    Recently, the violence of terrorists became intensive and they increased in a terrifying way because they used all communication means as ways to carry out their criminal plans. They also carried out all the accidents with the help of the hidden minds that design all the plans for them and organize them accurately so that the each accident causes the death of thousands of victims, but, May Allah curse those terrorists. It’s important to mention that the fact that the Saudis have arrested about seventeen terrorists accused of crimes will help a lot to get to what they plan in secret. Also, it’s very important for the Saudi government to prosecute those accused of forming terrorist cells because one of the basic duties for any Arab country is to take measures to save its people from terrorism because it lies between the folds of people. Therefore, this terrorist cell that was arrested was accused of targeting the Aramco Company and sneaking into the Iraqi territories. So, there must be harsh penalties against them as retribution from those terrorists must be as soon as possible.

  • كامل أبو محروس


    Truly, we don’t want Saudi Arabia to suffer casualities due to terrorism since we can clearly see what is going on in Iraq and other countries that are plagued by terrorism. We hope that the terrorism existing in Saudi Arabia is merely an adventitious matter and that the Saudi government and courts will succeed in putting a stop for good to these failed attempts by terrorist. We hope that the court verdicts will constitute the endpoint of terrorism in Saudi Arabia. We all feel sorry for Saudi Arabia since it represents a mammoth entity economically and security wise. Therefore, we don’t want anything that would undermine or sabotage the new development journey that Saudi Arabia has ushered in. The court decisions made against these 17 terrorists could perhaps be a turning point for Saudi Arabia after which the kingdom would be able to hunt down any terrorist movement that intends to mess with the Saudi security.

  • كارولين مجيد


    God save the Holy Mosques’ country from every evil under the shadow of our wise leadership with the application of the law of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, we pray to God for him and peace be upon him. May God guide our youth and the Muslim youth to the right path.

  • صلاح رسلان


    What a good punishment! And what a wonderful trial that we see from the Saudi authorities and the Saudi courts, for there must be a response and an iron fist for everyone who tries to think of threatening the Saudi security and stability. These seventeen terrorists who were put on trial in Saudi Arabia will be good scapegoats, so that every terrorist will think twice before making a decision as to whether he will leave or whether this will be his fate before the respected and effective Saudi authority, government and court. They were always firm, and this package gives the Saudi people tranquility, and this has to be available, so that we see more production and development.

  • مهند المطيرى


    Terrorism has become a very normal word in our lives. Every now and then, we hear about a terrorist incident and victims of the terrorist operations and the bombing of installations and schools. Also, we hear about the explosions of booby-trapped cars and many other incidents. I’m very tired of the news. Every day there is an incident in all the Arab countries. Has it come to the point that the Arab countries have become a hiding place for the terrorist organizations? It is as if the Arab countries have become like experimental rats, on which the terrorists are carrying out their heinous experiments. What are the victims guilty of, who are killed daily? The incidents of terrorism are increasing in our Arab countries, whether in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya or Somalia. That means that terrorism hasn’t left any country without committing heinous crimes in it. So, where are the League of Arab States, the human rights organizations and the United Nations? Where is their role to eliminate the terrorism? Or are they waiting until the World Trade Center in America explodes, and at that time they will make a decision? From my heart, I salute the Saudi government for the measure taken regarding the accused terrorists, even if their number is small. There are 17 terrorists, but when they are put on trial and sentenced to death, at that time the other terrorist members will think about forsaking terrorism, when their fellows are put to death.

  • طلال ما هر


    There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia is one of the most efficient Arab countries, especially in the Arab Gulf, because it was able to put on trial those who were involved in the planned terrorist acts. This is very necessary to get rid of the specter of terrorism, which threatens the security and the future of the whole Arab nation. In fact, the terrorist groups are making efficient plans to get rid of all the Arabs. So, I congratulate the Saudi government for its decision to put on trial about seventeen terrorists suspects who were threatening the security in Saudi Arabia.

  • طارق فواز


    The most dangerous thing, more dangerous than terrorism, is the one who sympathizes with these criminals and is attracted to their deviant ideologies. May God protect our country from these and tons of these militants.

  • سلطان وسيم


    May God honor Islam and Muslims and keep them away from the seen and hidden evil temptations. God save security and stability for this country. God protect it from terrorism and the terrorists, and the ones who help them... May God protect our country.

  • حاتم سامي


    “The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief throughout the land, is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet on opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.” -AlMa’idha33

  • إياد باسم


    Every criminal who disregards the security of this beloved country should be punished.

  • احمد سويدان


    Of course, we know that the terrorist crimes have greatly increased in the recent period. Indeed, all the Arab countries are threatened with terrorism; in addition, the number of victims of terrorism has increased dramatically and no one knows how to address the threat of terrorism. I grieve when I see children who are victims of terrorism. There is no organization among the human rights organizations that has tried to protect the rights of the children in the countries endangered by terrorism. Thus, the Saudi security forces arrested seventeen defendants accused of terrorism and gathered them in the Saudi prisons. Not only that, but they have also tried the defendants, and this trial could go so far as executing the defendants in a public place, because that is really the best punishment for them.

  • شوقى


    Some governments must work on stopping the spread of the terrorists definitely, because it is certain that they were raised in an improper way. I think that they have no loyalty to their homes. They also do not know anything about their religion.