Iraq to close all border crossings with Syria



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All border crossings between Iraq and Syria are slated to be closed at 6 a.m. on Sunday (January 13th) until further notice, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Saturday.

The ministry said in a statement that the decision includes the Waleed and Albu Kamal border crossings in Anbar province and the Rubaia crossing in Ninawa.

The announcement comes three days after the ministry closed Iraqi border crossings with Jordan.





    El Malekie’s scandal is very severe. He saves the thugs from the revolutionists and sends them to another front when the borders are closed to the unarmed civilians, knowing that the Syrians voiced their opinion loudly: “Leave.” It seems that El Malekie wants to leave with him, and it has been proven to the Alawite regime that Iraq is unsafe for the Mullahs of Tehran. The honorable people in Iraq refused this support, which is practiced by El Malekie toward El Assad’s regime in coalition with Iran. When any soldier from Nusayriah enters Iraq, he will be returned as a dead body to his relatives. The Arab spring is inevitably coming to Iraq, and it will eradicate the Persians from this Arab land completely.

  • hasan


    Iraqis said we have freedom of expression and we can protest?? But we have not seen even one protest especially the place called al-Anbar… Those people did not protest even once against the shutting of the borders with the Syrian people until Mosul. Their population number is almost 2 million people who did not protest against shutting the borders… You betrayed the Syrians… The Persians do not have any borders with Syria, the so called al-Anbar represents one third of Iraq’s size and those…. share borders with Syria… protest!