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Al-Qaeda bombs target Sahwa family in Abu Ghraib



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Five members of the same family were killed or wounded on Saturday (January 5th) in a bomb attack targeting the home of a Sahwa forces leader in Abu Ghraib, police said.

Abu Ghraib police chief Col. Sabah al-Falahi told Al-Shorfa that suspected al-Qaeda gunmen detonated three improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near the house of Sahwa leader Sheikh Abdul Zawbaaie.

The explosions killed Abdul Zawbaaie and his son, while his wife and two other sons were seriously wounded when the house ceiling collapsed on them, al-Falahi said.

Al-Falahi said security forces evacuated the wounded family members to a nearby hospital and opened an investigation into the attack.

The attack carries the clear fingerprints of al-Qaeda, he said.





    At this moment I call upon elements of Qaeda and ask them to leave the elements of Sahwah alone, the details of what is happening do not matter, we want to get rid of you both, so leave us some hope and let Sahwah light the way for us to walk in because we are tired of all the crimes that Iraqis are exposed to, but what happened in Abu Ghraib and killing elements of Sahwah who tried by all means to share in solving the problems of terrorism, Sahwah represents a threat to Qaeda and a big danger to them, so Qaeda targets them to eliminate them because Sahwah stands in the face of the acts of Qaeda.

  • سغد منصور


    It is worth mentioning that some al-Qaeda members have waged an attack on the residence of one of Fallouja's revolutionist leaders. This incident is one of the most obnoxious forms of disrespecting the humanity of the Iraqi people. As we all know, human rights are nonexistent in Iraq completely and Iraqis have no right even to live their lives. Therefore, I believe that the foregoing attack on the house of the Sahwa activities is a heinous crime since taking the life of an innocent person is prohibited religiously. What happened to the teachings of the religion? What about human rights? These terrorists have indeed violated these rights, unfortunately. May god have mercy on the deceased activist and I hope that the Iraqi people will join forces and unite in order to take revenge for this man and for many other Iraqis who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Iraq.