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Iraq Sunni Endowment launches courses to combat terrorism, sectarianism



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The Sunni Endowment office in Iraq on Saturday (January 5th) launched religious courses that seek to combat extremism and sectarianism at mosques across the country.

According to the head of the Sunni Endowment office, these mosques have begun organising religious courses twice a week for both genders on matters of correct Islamic faith.

The courses call for love, fraternity and peace, said Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarrae.

Courses are open to all citizens, he said, adding that thousands of young men and women have already joined them at mosques in different residential neighbourhoods and villages.



    ميثاق علي


    If Iraqi tribes collaborate positively with the Iraqi people and the Iraqi interior ministry, there will definitely be a state of harmony and interaction that will lead to a more positive life. This will in turn stop terrorism since terrorism is the principal adversary that is keen on obliterating Iraq and its system of governance. Iraq is beginning to recover and collect itself after experiencing bitterness due to occupation and ongoing bombings by unjust terrorists against the Iraqi people. Therefore, being together and uniting with each other always creates power and it is impossible for the interior ministry to abandon its people and tribes. This is because the ministry is keen on bringing everyone together so that it could amass a formidable force that outperforms that of the terrorists. Indeed, there is no power more beautiful and more magnificent than the power of legitimacy in Iraq, i.e., the power of the masses. Iraqi tribes have also their own potential power that could be harnessed and utilized. No one can deny that Iraq and its tribes possess adequate firepower; I would thus like to frankly say: what about if these efforts were concerted for the greater good of Iraq and protecting it from terrorism? It is beyond reasonable doubt that things will be better a hundred fold this way than if this firepower and ammunition is used to create clashes among Iraqis and pursue unnecessary and unjustifiable adversities and animosities, particularly in this critical period.

  • معن الجبوري


    Iraqi tribes must realize that this is not the right time for fighting and rivalry. The issue is much bigger then this since we are talking about a nation that is trying to be on the right track; a nation that hopes to have people who understand and appreciate that. The Iraqi government needs the soldiers and security forces that are deployed to separate the rivaling tribes during times of war and rivalry so that it can address and tackle terrorism. These forces can never be able to fight on two fronts. What is needed is a code of honor or covenant signed by all tribes, and this covenant must dictate that there should be no fighting or rivalry between any of the parties involved. The Iraqi security forces want the tribes to unite with them so that they can get rid of terrorism; they don’t want to take sides with tribes.