Wanted 'Slaughterer' arrested in Fallujah security operation



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Iraqi police in Anbar province arrested on Wednesday (December 26th) five suspected al-Qaeda gunmen -- including one wanted for multiple bombings -- following a raid on a residential building in central Fallujah, police said.

Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Kassar Erzaij told Al-Shorfa that a special storm unit attacked the building after citizens notified authorities about the presence of al-Qaeda elements inside.

The five gunmen include Majeed Khalaf -- known as "the Slaughterer" -- who is wanted for nine major bombings in Baghdad, as well as in southern and northern Iraq, he said.

Security forces also seized various weapons, explosives and al-Qaeda documents during the operation, Erzaij said.



    فلاح العامري


    The malicious tree of al-Qaeda collapses quickly because they are ignorant or ignore the strength of this land who wants to be dedicated to it from the beginning of history until now. They didn't see what happened to them in 2006 and 2007 although Iraq does not have any army or security forces; there were sons and tribesmen only despite Israeli and US support for al-Qaeda to cause creative chaos in Iraq as they think. They continue to use our fellow countrymen among the Arabs and Muslims to destroy the great country that was and still is dedicating itself to defending them. They will see on the ground the curse of treason that crushes their skulls and the spurious curse of religion and identity and they dirge over the devastation and destruction of everything, even belief.

  • سعيد الشويلي


    God bless every honest person who cares about the security of Iraq and the Iraqis and pursues those killers that enjoy and excel in killing Iraqis.