Iraqi army destroys al-Qaeda camp near Syrian border



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The Iraqi army destroyed an al-Qaeda camp in a pre-emptive operation carried out near the Iraqi-Syrian border, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Monday (December 10th).

"Ground military units and helicopters, supported by local police forces in Ninawa province, launched a surprise military operation Saturday and Sunday in al-Jazeera, west of Ninawa, near the international border with Syria," Iraqi Ministry of Defence spokesperson Col. Dhia al-Wakeel told Al-Shorfa.

"The operation revealed an al-Qaeda training camp located between valleys in the heart of al-Jazeera desert and featuring a plant for booby trapping cars and making improvised explosive devices (IEDs)," he added.

The army destroyed the camp, disposed of all explosives and seized four car bombs, al-Wakeel said.



    ابو محمد


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