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Iraqi army arrests 12 al-Qaeda suspects in Fallujah



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Security forces arrested 12 al-Qaeda gunmen in central Fallujah during a military operation in which two army helicopters took part, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Thursday (December 6th).

Defence ministry spokesperson Col. Dhia al-Wakeel told Al-Shorfa that a special military force attacked an al-Qaeda hideout in central Fallujah where the al-Qaeda members, including three prominent leaders, were planning various attacks on civilians and security forces.

The 12 formed a highly-organised cell, he said, and security forces seized weapons, explosives, one car bomb and two explosives vests in the operation, along with important information on the group's operations and other cells in different parts of town.

The information is now being investigated, al-Wakeel said.



    موسى محمد


    Finally and after a long time of waiting and hoping, the Iraqi forces have triumphed against the hostile groups after years of wars and hundreds of deaths, but the triumph of Allah is soon. We want to share with the Iraqi forces their triumph and joy. They have been so patient and won what they deserve in the end. The Iraqi people have lost a lot of their sons, children and wives because of an irresponsible group. Also, the Iraqi army has lost many of his loyal soldiers and courageous young people as a sacrifice to this great country that is filled with good things; the eyes of the world looked at her with greed and envy. Therefore, the war started, and it wasn’t like, as some have claimed it was, a help to this good country. Is there an assistant who kills, displaces and destroys? Of course not, but they were a devastation for her children, economy and all her relations. They were outlaws and without religion. Terrorism has never been peaceful nor did it bring unity wherever it entered, but now with the victory of the Iraqi forces on these non-peaceful groups, we expect a blooming and bright future for Iraq. The security will prevail even though it may take a little longer until the conditions stabilize, but it will bring a lot of good to Iraq and her kind people. So the security is a solution that brought with it all the best; the science, health and welfare of the country that it covers. Security is a kind of cloud that protects you without making you sink. Congratulations to the Iraqi forces and we ask Allah that they succeed in keeping the safety and security in Iraq for her peaceful people.

  • عبد القادر علي


    I congratulate the Iraqi forces that have proven Iraq is a State where the rule of law prevails and they were able to provide the Iraqi people with security and freedom .The Iraqi forces have done many successful operations recently in order to capture the members who belong to Al-Qaida and to confiscate many weapons and explosives prepared for the attack organized against the policemen .So, we must thank these brave troops that are resisting in order to restore Iraq to the right track that she has lost for so many years .Despite the different sects and ethnicities among the police forces, they work together for the safety of the nation and the elimination of the terrorist hotbeds, which have humiliated the Iraqi people and put her name on the lists of the terrorist States in the world. Terrorism does not know the meaning of compassion, it eliminates the future of the society’s members whether man or woman or child .Also, it causes the weakness of the economy, where their biggest concern is to kill as many innocent people as they can and feel the sense of victory over the government’s forces .From here, I appeal to the Iraqi Government to exert more effort in order to save Iraq from this vortex of endless bombings and terrorist operations, and to issue the harshest punishment for those who are found involved in such shameful terrorist acts; those sick minds who do not belong to a particular religion but are a group of extremist cowards . Our gallant thanks and respect to our Government and brave soldiers.