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Egypt judicial council allows referendum amid growing tensions



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Egypt's Supreme Judicial Council announced on Monday (December 3rd) they would delegate judicial officers to oversee a referendum on the draft constitution, overriding calls for a boycott by the opposition.

Protests renewed last week when President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree expanding his powers and rushed through the adoption of a draft constitution that is rejected by many in the opposition.

Eleven independent and opposition party newspapers declared they will not go to print on Tuesday, as the opposition called a new protest rally on the same day.

Judges angry at President Morsi's decree, which puts his decisions beyond the review of the courts, also began an open-ended strike on Monday.

The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) announced it will suspend its work indefinitely due to "psychological and material pressure" following a protest by President Morsi supporters, which judges said prevented them from delivering a key ruling that might have dissolved the panel that drafted the charter.

The same court had previously disbanded the parliament.



    محمود عبدالهادى اسماعيل


    The interference of judges in politics and the announcement made by councilor Ahmed al-Zind in a way provoking the president and the regular citizen and in a way threatening the president, especially regarding the prosecutor-general and refusing to change him in an annoying way, I think, this has led President Mursi to give his decisions immunity in order to keep the status of the president of the country. I think he is right to do so, we have to cleanse the judiciary. If the Supreme Judicial Council agreed to the constitutional referendum, then we give them credit for that and the Egyptian people appreciate this decision by the Supreme Judicial Council as we are used to this from them.

  • بحب مصر


    May God help the Egyptians!