Iraqi army arrests leading Jaish al-Naqshabandia figure



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An Iraqi army force on Wednesday (November 21st) arrested the "general commander" of Jaish al-Naqshabandia in a military operation in Ninawa province, Iraqi police in the province said.

"The military force, supported by police forces, managed to arrest Younis Abdullah in an operation carried out in al-Sahel al-Aysar, eastern Mosul, at a residential building where he was staying," Ninawa police spokesperson Col. Khalid al-Hamdani told Al-Shorfa.

"Abdullah was involved in a large number of rocket attacks, armed attacks and blasts involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the last three years," he said.

The security operation was based on intelligence confirming that Abdullah was in the building, al-Hamdani said.



    صلاح جاسم


    We must not be merciful towards the terrorists. In fact, it is important to punish them the most severely possible due to the danger of the terrorist acts that can exterminate humanity. The youth have carried out these destructive and subversive operations due to many social and economic conditions; they might have been looking for money. This can also be due to many false Jihadist theories that have been spread in their minds. On this basis, the Iraqi Judiciary must hold these terrorists accountable as quickly as possible and it must punish them the most severely. We must not distinguish between those who commit these crimes and those who plan them. In fact, the punishment and condemnation must even include the terrorist ideas. We must eradicate this terrorist thought from the face of the earth completely.