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'Leading al-Qaeda figure' killed south of Baghdad



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The Wasit provincial police announced Tuesday (November 20th) it killed an al-Qaeda field commander in the city of al-Sewara.

Lt. Col. Rasoul Abbas of the Wasit police told Al-Shorfa that Hossam al-Nadawi was killed while resisting security forces, who had located his whereabouts. He had an explosives vest and a number of hand grenades in his possession.

The police succeeded in locating al-Nadawi with the co-operation of local residents, he said.



    عبدالله فرج


    After Iraq’s victory over terrorism with the help of the US, Iraq should preserve and perpetuate this resounding victory in the upcoming period. This will thwart the proliferation of terrorism and the government should be on high alert and try its best so as to prevent terrorist operations against innocent citizens and the nation’s infrastructure. These operations claim the lives of innocents, and thus, there should be a strong stance against the ongoing assassinations targeting politicians, religious leaders and especially the repetitive and provocative attacks against foreign nationals. These attacks must be stopped immediately and the security over facilities and expatriates must be tightened since this situation will primarily wipe out the economy and any economic development. It will also keep away foreign investors. Thus, we should realize that Iraq now needs to attract additional foreign investment in all sectors and the government should hence track terrorism and terrorists everywhere. The number of security personnel should also be increased and the security over facilities and citizens should be tightened. In addition, check points should be placed at various places throughout the Iraqi cities. The Iraqi army should even help the police due to the huge number of terrorist hotbeds across the desert and mountainous areas. Iraqis ought to eradicate terrorism completely as forceful as they can. On the other hand, proper religious and cultural awareness should be maintained, in addition to other cultural aspects necessary to the Iraqi people.