Iraqi forces arrest gunmen 'involved in attacks targeting children'



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The Iraqi army on Monday (November 19th) arrested 13 suspected al-Qaeda gunmen accused of involvement in attacks targeting children, the Iraqi Defence Ministry said.

Lt. Gen. Tariq al-Azzawi, Iraqi army commander in Anbar province, said the gunmen were arrested in an operation launched Monday evening by a military unit from the 2nd Division's special task forces.

The operation targeted three al-Qaeda hideouts west, south and east of Ramadi, he said.

The army found evidence that indicates the detainees were involved in terrorist attacks targeting a primary school in Anbar and a school bus in Baghdad in the past three months, al-Azzawi said.



    نحن نهئ الشعب العراقي علي النصر الذي حققه في انتصا


    We congratulate the Iraqi people on their victory against terrorism thanks to the United States, which fought terrorism in its heartland, which was Afghanistan. The US even confronted terrorism and Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, who cost the United States a lot of losses in the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, the United States launched a war on terrorism in everyplace and it even began chasing terrorist ideologies significantly. After this great effort, America had to achieve victory against terrorism and terrorists after the arrest and killing of Osama bin Laden recently and even the arrest of al-Qaeda leaders and most of their elements. America even found so many terrorists who belong to the Al-Qaeda organization, who had to be dealt with in order to prevent them from attacking another country.