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Iraqi army arrests 67 terror suspects



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The Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Monday (November 19th) 67 terror suspects were arrested in southern and central Iraq over the past seven days in operations carried out by the Iraqi army.

Lt. Gen. Othman al-Ghanemi, army operations commander in the mid-Euphrates region, said 6,000 Iraqi soldiers carried out 82 raids on potential and confirmed al-Qaeda hideouts.

Al-Ghanemi said the army arrested the suspects and seized about three tonnes of explosives and ammunition in the operations.



    صديق فلاح


    Terrorism is one of the most perilous crimes that need to be tackled with the help of a number of means, including education. We should also realize that illiteracy and backwardness are strong reasons that lead to the proliferation of terrorism. There are even a number of educated individuals who’re involved in terrorist activities. As such, we should grasp the importance of education and the need to revive the education sector in Iraq to banish terrorism and push it to the corner. Iraq should also spread unflawed religious awareness through media, which should present it with absolute lucidity. Iraqis should even express greater level of patriotism and we should cultivate a culture of loyalty to the nation. Further efforts must also be made in order to preserve the hard-won victory against terrorism, knowing that maintaining success is more difficult than actually attaining it in the first place. Hence, Iraq should thwart and halt all terrorist ideologies and should raise the awareness of its citizens so that they can deal with future terrorist problems. I wish to see Iraq a nation that is secure enough against all perils.