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Five al-Qaeda suspects arrested in Ninawa



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The Iraqi army on Tuesday (November 13th) arrested five suspected al-Qaeda members during a military operation in Ninawa province.

"A military force raided an al-Qaeda hideout in Hawijah village, east of Mosul, where five gunmen were hiding," Ninawa military command spokesperson Lt. Col. Abdul Rahim al-Atwani told Al-Shorfa.

The detainees include "prominent al-Qaeda leader Sameer al-Rajab" and another gunman "believed to be a suicide bomber preparing to carry out a terrorist operation", he said.

Al-Atwani said the detainees had two explosives vests, 29 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and eight mortars in their possession.



    خليل صالح علي


    The American Forces in have defeated terrorism after a long struggle with it and with the terrorist Jihadist organizations that many countries are suffering from. This suffering makes the U.S. eager to wage a war against terrorism in Iraq in order to get rid of the terrorist spots of the al-Qaeda organization and its leaders. It was the strongest hit in the back of the al-Qaeda organization as the American Forces with their allies were able to get rid of these spots of al-Qaeda and were able to arrest many of its leaders in Iraq. This victory continues for many years and they had gotten rid of most of the terrorist spots in Iraq and Afghanistan that were the exporters of terrorism. However, most of the terrorist leaders were brought up by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. America was an example in its war and control over terrorism that harmed it for the last years and affects the interests of the Western and Arab communities as well. The Iraqi Security Forces started their journey in getting rid of terrorism and the Iraqis recognized that they have to take control over terrorism and arrest the terrorists and the leaders of terrorism in Iraq so that the country can move towards a better future for the economic development. From this sense, we commend and congratulate the U.S. Forces for their efforts as they sacrificed many of the American soldiers to get rid of terrorism from all the countries of the world. We commend also the Iraqi experiment and its leadership as they continue in getting rid of terrorism.