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Nine escaped al-Qaeda prisoners recaptured in Salaheddine



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A joint army and police force has recaptured nine al-Qaeda elements who fled Tikrit's central prison late last September, the Iraqi police in Salaheddine province said Saturday (November 10th).

Salaheddine police spokesperson Hasan al-Majmaie told Al-Shorfa that the force, assisted by the intelligence agency, launched four different attacks in the last two days in Tikrit, Baiji, Samarra and Siniya and arrested the nine fugitives, four of whom had been sentenced to death.

The elements had been trying to escape to a neighbouring country using fake passports, he said.

In September, at least 15 Iraqi security personnel were killed after al-Qaeda fighters attacked the prison, leading to the escape of dozens of prisoners.



    عباس قطان


    All the thanks to the Iraqi Forces, which made every effort to maintain the security and the stability of the homeland from the treacherous terrorist attacks which killed the innocent people in vain, rather than cultivate our human wealth to benefit from it in the renaissance of our nation and re-build it. Those brave members who sacrificed their lives for both them and their families are exposed to risk. We want to congratulate them for their successes and affirm our support and our corroboration of them. May Allah bless you and grant you the supreme positions in this world and in the Hereafter, may you be rewarded with gratitude for your sacrifices and your heroism for He is able to do that.

  • محمد أحمد سعيد


    Iraq suffers from the terrorist operations which have increased greatly since the fall of the old regime and the collapse of the security institutions that followed the collapse of the regime. Hence, the Iraqi people suffered from bombings and operations called suicide operations which are detestable terrorist operations that kill everything and everybody in the country as well as the hearts of the citizens, and take away the sense of security and safety from the souls of their children, which will negatively impact the emergence of those minds that will carry the State of Iraq to its new renaissance. It would then go back to how it was as the gem of the Middle East and one of the largest Arab capitals, and also the international capital of Baghdad will return to its previous era as the pearl of the east. Therefore, the government should take great interest in the security services and the Iraqi Police Forces to control those involved in such bombings and criminal operations as well as to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism, and the publishers of this devastating ideology in the minds of the youth who are filled with vacuum by subversive ideas that are far away from the true moderate Islamic religion that urged us to keep away from violence or harming the others. One of the most important damages of terrorism, which is spreading in Iraq, is stealing the safety from the hearts of its citizens. There are many mothers that prevented their children from pursuing teaching due to the fear for them regarding these criminal operations. Moreover, there are many wives who have been widowed and there are many children who were orphaned without committing any sin except that they want to live a normal life on their land and in their homeland. Their reward was only a random shot that does not distinguish between young and old, or a man and a woman. How difficult life is!

  • عبدالله عدنان


    No one can deny that the Iraqi is an authentic Arab citizen that does not know any terrorist crimes and does not think of destroying anything around him. He does not aspire to what is higher than that, but his first and last objective is the democracy and to enjoy full freedom so that he can promote his country and his homeland and relieve it from the destruction it is experiencing and take it towards the renaissance which he dreams of. Is that dream a distant dream? We must call for the development of a law prohibiting terrorism and the establishment of penalties for those who do such crimes in order to make a lesson out of them to everyone who is tempted to think of committing these terrorist crimes. Let there be mercy on the authentic Iraqi people for they are people who have collapsed and it is necessary to assist them.

  • رضا علي


    The Iraqi Forces made great efforts and victories which proved that the soldiers of Iraq are the bravest soldiers on earth as they confronted the threats with all of their strength and courage. Moreover, they did their best efforts until they defeated the U.S. Military and the last U.S. soldier was expelled from Iraq. Also, these forces fought many wars in the era of Saddam Hussein. However, these forces remained strong and victorious, thanks to their brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. They are doing everything in order to maintain the security and the safety of Iraq, and no one dares to touch Iraq with any harm. They bear a great responsibility to protect the security of Iraq externally and internally from the dangers that surround us from all sides.

  • hلجبورى


    Every member of al-Qaeda has to be slaughtered because they are agents of the Zionists and enemies of the religion. They are the ones who defamed Islam.