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Iraqi army blows up al-Qaeda explosives depot



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The Iraqi army on Saturday (November 10th) blew up an explosives depot used by al-Qaeda, west of Baghdad, the Iraqi Defence Ministry said.

"A military force found on Saturday morning an underground explosives depot containing about 1,000 kilogrammes of explosives, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and anti-tank landmines in Abu Ghraib, 30 kilometres west of the capital Baghdad," defence ministry spokesperson Col. Dhia al-Wakeel told Al-Shorfa.

Al-Qaeda used the depot to carry out "its terrorist operations in and around Baghdad", he added.

Security forces blew up the depot after securing the area because it would have been dangerous to transfer its contents to another place, as the depot was located among residential neighbourhoods, according to al-Wakeel.

The army also arrested two suspects they found near the depot when they arrived, he said.



    عبدالله علي


    Greetings from the heart to our heroic Iraqi Forces. It is after the withdrawal of the U.S. Forces from the Iraqi territory and the Iraqi Security Forces are addressing the complex security matters on their own. Despite their lack of experience in the management of the Iraqi security affairs, they managed in a short time to gain control over the lawlessness largely and the hands of the Iraqi Security Forces are still restraining with an iron hand everyone who is tempted to violate the law or think of doing any criminal act, or any act of terrorism. All the thanks, all the greetings and appreciation to them.

  • خالد عمر


    Terrorism, what does it mean? Terrorism is an extremist group following an extremist ideology which it wants to disseminate through force and violence. These terrorist groups adopt extremism religiously and politically to impose their fanatical ideas and they seek to get new members involved in their group. The young people who suffer from ignorance, poverty and unemployment become a fertile environment for the deployment of these radical ideas, and enlarge their terrorist group. These individuals carry out destruction and permit the killings as well as all forms of violence. Recently, these groups have been spread dramatically in Iraq, where they are threatening the lives of the innocent citizens in all parts of the country, and obstructing the internal evolution in Iraq. They may have external political goals that aim to destroy the country internally to make it easier to impose control over the country. Therefore, terrorism must be eliminated by all means in Iraq so that Iraq would be able to stand on its feet and rebuild itself again. What is the guilt of those innocent people who lost their lives in these heinous terrorist bombings?

  • hلجبورى


    I was hoping that the Iraqi army would benefit from these weapons instead of blowing them up because it is a loss for everybody.