Prominent Sahwa leader killed west of Baghdad



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A prominent anti-al-Qaeda Sahwa leader was killed Friday (November 9th) in al-Hamdaniya, north of Abu Ghraib, Iraqi police said.

"Gunmen believed to be affiliated to al-Qaeda attacked the house of Sheikh Wadhah al-Zawbaie, head of the Abu Ghraib Sahwa forces, using four improvised explosive devices (IEDs)," said Abu Ghraib police chief Col. Sabah al-Falahi.

Al-Zawbaie's wife and son were also killed and two others were wounded in the blast, he said.



    براهيم علي


    The terrorist crime in Iraq, the level of the bombing, the destruction, and the annihilation of the Iraqis at the hands of the terrorists has only left us with one inevitable choice, which is the getting rid of this deviant group with all the strength of the Iraqi government in order for the Iraqi planning to begin strengthening the education, the health, the housing, the production, and the industry. How could this support begin when there are hidden hands messing with the security and economic system of Iraq? We should address this terrorism with full strength and prosecute these terrorists as well as arrest them and destroy their dreaded planning. All of this makes us demand the Iraqi government to direct all of its interest towards getting rid of terrorism, even if this was the first and foremost concern, and even if most of the efforts of the state were brought for every extremist terrorist to understand that his end is arrest or execution and that it is very near. That is because if the government left this concern without confrontation or attack, it will be much harder as the land of the Iraqi nation makes it imperative to the Iraqi troops of the intelligence services to work on identifying the centers and the criminal terrorist outposts in order to open a new page where there is the punishment of the terrorists in order to rid the fear and panic from the Iraqi citizens, and start the productivity and work for Iraq, and the construction of its upswing and glory through the hands of its people and over the bodies of these extremist terrorists.