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Two Iraqis killed in bomb blasts in northern Iraq



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Two Iraqi civilians were killed and six others were wounded when two car bombs blew up in Baasheeqa's central district, north-east of Mosul, at a late hour Wednesday (November 7th), the Ninawa provincial police said.

"The dead include a local female journalist working for a Mosul television station," said police spokesperson Col. Khalid al-Hamdani.

The blasts hit a street housing a number of apparel and jewellery shops in the centre of the town, he said.

According to al-Hamdani, the police imposed a curfew in the area in anticipation of other attacks.

He accused al-Qaeda of planning the attack.



    سعيد عبدالله


    The terrorism in Iraq had reached the maximum stage and caused a lot of tragedies for the Iraqi families. Moreover, these terrorists have cut off all the ways of life for the Iraqi citizens and most importantly they have destroyed security. How could the human among us live? He does not feel safe or secured, and he feels that he may be killed without any guilt at this moment or the next one. All of this requires that the Iraqi government resist this terrorism to the end, destroy all of its centers, and arrest all the symbols of corruption. They should search for any evidence of any contributor or perpetrator of any terrorist act and attack him with an iron hand, and the issue should not be limited to their arrest but they must also toughen the sanctions on them.