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Three Iraqi soldiers killed in attack north of Baghdad



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Unknown gunmen killed three Iraqi soldiers on Saturday (November 3rd) in an attack on an Iraqi army checkpoint in Taji district, 30 kilometres north of Baghdad.

Taji police chief Maj. Hazem al-Shaher told Al-Shorfa that the gunmen attacked the soldiers using machine guns and incendiary hand grenades, destroying the checkpoint and burning an armoured vehicle.

Another military force arrived at the scene of attack and arrested three suspects, who had machine guns in their possession at a house near the checkpoint.





    We belong to God and to Him we shall return.....

  • عدي العطار


    Truly, al-Qaeda organization is the sole perpetrator of the painful incident that took place in Iraq recently. This incident involved the death of three soldiers, including a Lieutenant-colonel, and the three died in a car bomb accident. I wonder who dares perpetrate such painful incidents. Why are the police the only ones attacked by everyone? Al-Qaeda terrorists have a single preoccupation, which is to attack Iraqi security forces on a daily basis. This is because the police are the only ones capable of going to the places suspected to be used by al-Qaeda terrorists. I feel sorry for the three soldiers who sacrificed their lives and gained the status of martyrdom. Although their death is not an easy thing, but god knows who did this incident and all evidences are clear. This is because the police war was blown up with IEDs, and such devices are the tools used by al-Qaeda members to conduct their heinous crimes. Hence, I would like to ask the Iraqi police to take precautionary measures while they are working on ensuring Iraq's security. We can't just wait for such crimes to take place every day without taking any action. I also wish that al-Qaeda members will refrain from these crimes since we had enough of death and killing of Iraqi security personnel. The government steals public funds and people pay the price.