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Nine al-Qaeda gunmen arrested in Baiji



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Security forces on Saturday (November 3rd) arrested nine al-Qaeda gunmen involved in attacks on three oil facilities in 2011, where a number of workers were killed, Iraqi police in Salaheddine said.

"The gunmen were arrested as they tried to place a metal tin filled with explosives under an oil pipeline in Baiji, north of Tikrit," police spokesperson Hasan al-Majmaie told Al-Shorfa.

The security forces arrested four of the gunmen near the pipeline and five others in two nearby vehicles who were providing backup, he said.



    حسن علي


    We are sure that the success of the Iraqi Forces in the war against terrorism is a serious and strong step towards establishing the rules of justice, democracy, and economic progress. It is unquestionable that Iraq suffered from terrorism, bombings and rivalries among its factions. An end must be put to these tendencies to reduce the religious strife that made the Iraqi people taste the bitterness of terrorism in the past years. Therefore, the Iraqi Government must continue to wage strong campaigns against terrorism and follow its footsteps in all parts of the Iraqi State.

  • محمد سعيد مهدي


    The U.S. Forces have made daunting efforts to hit the strongholds of terrorism during the previous years, but took it upon themselves to rid the world and the Arab communities of terrorist organizations, whether al-Qaeda, the jihadist organizations or even political extremist organizations. However, America has also launched many campaigns and smacked in Afghanistan the stronghold of al-Qaeda, and the stronghold of its leaders. This dangerous terrorist organization adopted to implement terrorist operations here and there for the full control of the world, and al-Qaeda became the strongest terrorist organization because of the recruited elements who were given high intensive training. Moreover, their activists are widespread in all countries of the world and have become a threat to the world. America realized that this institution of terrorism must be eliminated. They urged the world to chase these terrorist groups and arrest them due to their threats. The United States launched war on terrorism and was able, in a short time, to uproot the roots of terrorism and kill terrorist leaders headed by Osama bin Laden, who has cost the United States a lot of human and material losses. The Iraqi government goes on the same path as the U.S. and has begun chasing those terrorist organizations. They arrested their leaders everywhere in Iraq and even trapped them to eliminate them so that Iraq can complete the economic progress and development towards future prospects. The victories achieved during the previous years, indicated the value of the effort being exerted by the Iraqi government and showed that Iraq has begun a new plan of reform and development, and showed that Iraq was able to face the cons of society and eliminate them.