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Security plan drawn up for Eid al-Adha in Iraq



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The Iraq Interior Ministry on Saturday (October 20th) announced that a special security plan is in place to protect citizens during Eid al-Adha celebrations next week.

"The plan includes deploying tens of thousands of security personnel in Baghdad and other cities and provinces across the country 72 hours before Eid begins [on October 26th]," Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications at the ministry, told Al-Shorfa.

The plan aims to prevent any terrorist attack targeting citizens celebrating Eid and includes securing parks, tourist resorts and places of worship, he said.



    ali alamery


    Everybody knows that the security plan in Iraq means to strengthen the checkpoints all over Baghdad and increasing them. This makes the vehicles line up in long queues for an hour or more till it is their turn to move. When they pass the checkpoint and drive quickly, they enter another one. This way; they go home cursing the day of Eid (celebration of Muslim holiday) in which he went out from the house. As for the youth, they have no outlet except some parks such as al-Zawra. When they go there, they find the policemen with cables (to hit) in their hands claiming that they are organizing the entrance. The lucky one is he who enters without being hit on the back of his neck! Then they go home to tell their stories and they laugh about them! Indeed, the worst tribulations make us laugh. Whoever denies this can see it as Eid is approaching, the street will be our proof!