Protests over anti-Islam film continue in Pakistan



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Thousands of protesters in Pakistan staged fresh demonstrations Saturday (September 22nd) against an anti-Islam film that has triggered violence across the region, AFP reported.

More than 5,000 protesters marched towards the parliament in Islamabad, including hundreds of women, chanting "We love our Holy Prophet".

The protests were peaceful, in contrast to the previous day's demonstrations.

Four people reportedly died overnight from wounds they sustained during Friday protests, taking the number killed across Pakistan in the day of demonstrations to as many as 21.

Fifteen people were killed in Karachi, the country's largest city, and six in the north-western city of Peshawar, health department officials said.

The combined total of wounded in Karachi, Peshawar and in the capital Islamabad rose to as many as 229 people.



    محمد عمر


    Islam came mercifully to the whole world and provides guidance to everyone. Our beloved Prophet would use his sweet tongue when spreading the calling to convince people with his kind words, and never did he try to force anyone to convert to Islam and Allah has ordered him so and told that he only has to deliver and they have guidance. From his high morals, he would warn people of the consequences of angering Allah and warn them of the horrible end from Allah, but Allah enlightens whoever opened their hearts to Islam. We never saw anyone calmer than him in tolerating humiliation and insults for the sake of guiding the world. He didn’t even wish harm to any people like the prophets before him because he knew that if he did, then God would make it true and these people would be doomed.

  • عبدالسلام تحسين


    This Earth will never produce a man like Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, with his kind and gracious morals, tolerance and pardon for those who offended him.

  • أحمد محمد علي


    I wonder how burning, destruction and sabotage are means through which we can ask for our rights and object the immoral behaviors of those who have produced the film that abuses Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him. In fact, objection must be carried out in a civilized way through various ways namely appearing in the American media in meetings and distributing books with the different languages in the world to introduce our Holy Prophet. This can also be done through spreading the Prophet’s biography via the internet and holding conferences in order to introduce the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, his tolerance and good ethics. Thus, we have to follow the Sunnah of our dear Prophet in the way we behave and ask for rights without destruction and major losses because of these non-peaceful demonstrations.

  • جعفر علي محمد


    Today, the whole world and not only the Muslim countries reject the film which insulted the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him. In fact, the international community as a whole already knows the truth of Islam and the Holy Prophet. All humans love the Messenger very much because they have learned a lot from him and in different respects. The Messenger of Allah benefited the Muslims as well as the non-Muslims, which shows his good manners. The Muslims have never insulted the others, regardless of their religions and their oppression. We noted that the Jews, the infidels and the expatriate Copts are always keen to offend Islam. Those people are fully aware that our religion and our Prophet are above any comparison with other creeds. They know quite well that the international community as a whole respects the Prophet and Islam. They are amazed by such aspects. For this reason, they want to distort the image of the Prophet, which is absolutely impossible. Of course, the fact that the Holy Prophet and our religion urge the Muslims to show tolerance does not mean that we will forgive those dirty creatures. This is impossible as well. We could tolerate anything but not the insult of our Prophet because this man is our ideal and our beloved. The Prophet will intercede for us in the Hereafter. Indeed, this man spread Islam. He is the bravest and greatest man ever. He is also the most tolerant man ever. In short, all human qualities are attributable to him. We must reveal the hidden objectives of those evil people. In fact, they have a lot of goals. They want to abuse Islam, sow sedition, spoil international relations, eradicate this religion and provoke Muslims. Those damned offenders want to achieve many goals. Indeed, those dirty creatures are too unwise to distinguish between righteousness and wrongdoings. For this reason, we must treat them as mere evil creatures. They are really insignificant compared to Muslims. In fact, the latter could show compassion toward dirty creatures, but not those evil people.

  • عبداللطيف عبدالرحمن


    The disbelievers of Quraysh asked Hassan Ibn Thabit, the greatest poet of the era, before he declared his Islam, to write a satire poem to denigrate the Holy Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, especially that he was known for his insights and wit in composing poetry. Hassan waited for the Holy Prophet in order to read out his poem in front of him. However, when he saw the Prophet, he changed and found his tongue unable to respond. Thus, he immediately declared his Islam. This reflects nothing but the tolerance of the Prophet and his purity of defects as if he was born completely free from them. The Holy Prophet Mohamed, blessings and peace be upon him, cannot be abused because he is like a full moon which cannot be touched. In addition, Allah has rid him of all the scoffers before people attempt to restore his rights. I wonder who we are so that we restore the rights of our Holy Prophet. Allah has assumed the responsibility to respond to all the scoffers in life before the hereafter. Indeed, Allah will punish them in life before the hereafter and they will wish death but they will not find it. This is always the punishment of the oppressors and what these people committed as injustice is different since they abused the best creature of mankind without any evidence. What is really strange is that they cast suspicions which had been formerly made by some biased people. In fact, they had not created any new thing. They are a group of filthy minds which are unable even to make new suspicions. May Allah grant them their just deserts.

  • صالح بشير


    O great brave people! You should know that your right to protest is preserved but you have to have self-control.

  • يوسف عبدالعزيز


    The haters, scoffers and cynics who do not want to admit the truth are disseminating fabricated stories. Those fabrications prove that their arguments are groundless. Those people bring to mind the experience of Galileo. This man was arrested and banished in the Middle Ages. At that time, the Church controlled the minds of people. Galileo proved that the Earth is spherical. He did not surrender because he was quite certain of that fact. The deviant people could never change the truth. The same thing happened to the Messenger of God. This great man received the revelation from Allah. Thus, he could not ignore the truth which was proved by miracles and strong evidence. The Prophet witnessed the miracles in person. I wonder about the importance of those who insult the Prophet. They produced a ridiculous film and they called it a “historical achievement”. They claim that they are pioneers in this respect. In fact, they are too insignificant compared to the greatness of the Islamic religion. Those people will be cursed because of their fabrications. The Muslims who are really aware of the true principles of their great religion would not accept the insults of their Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him. Still more, the wise people, whether Muslims or Christians, would not be pleased to see religions and cultures turn into mockery in movies. Unfortunately, the concerned authorities do not impose any control on such deviant works. This film has nothing to do with the freedom of expression. I wonder why the producers chose the Messenger of Allah in particular. In fact, there are some religions which incite the “believers” to commit heinous acts such as adultery and killing. Still worse, some other religions preach the burying of girls alive and the killing of young boys as a sacrifice to their alleged gods. This is really ridiculous. Meanwhile, the Islamic religion preaches righteousness and good manners. However, there are some parties which criticize this tolerant and noble religion. There is no doubt that those people who seek to insult Islam will fail, just like their predecessors. I would like to say that the lion had become king of the jungle because he defended its species. The lion became a prominent animal. However, the cowardly mouse and rabbit confined themselves to their dens in order to survive. They accepted humiliation and got contented with meaningless food.

  • محمد المسلم


    There is no hypocrisy in saying that the Messenger of Allah is the epitome of ideal tolerance. This statement should not be viewed as a message to the infidels who hate Islam because we are not interested in persuading them that Islam is based on tolerance. In fact, the Prophet is tolerant and kind-hearted. This great man disseminated the message of mercy. It was reported that the Messenger of Allah, the merciful God, said that tolerance is the most striking miracle in Islam. This is strong evidence on the tolerance of this religion. It could not be distorted by a frowning man. Allah Almighty blamed His Prophet for ill treating a blind man. Would Allah blame his Messenger because of a sound man?

  • هاشم احمد


    The Prophet of God, peace be upon him, had a special and distinct style in dealing with those who harmed him. In fact, he never responded to anyone who attacked him. The Prophet of God was a miraculous power of tolerance and forgiveness that must be an example for the nations with and people. This power must be also a reference to the ideal ethics and it must be a pillar of building the Islamic nation. For example, the Jews were living with Muslims in the Islamic State and despite all their heinous acts against then Prophet of God, he allowed them to enjoy life under the protection of the Islamic State. In fact, he protected their right of citizenship. And he urged Muslims to grant the Jews’ rights and not oppress them. In fact, this is the nature of Islam and these are its tolerant teachings that must be present in any situation or State. Thus, this is the impact of Islam and this is the effect of the Prophet’s effort. In fact, the Prophet of God has tried to spread tolerance and forgiveness among the nation and humanity because this can achieve security, stability and success in societies. Thus, these are the Prophet’s ethics with those who harmed him and this is the Islamic religion with all its ideal behaviors and laws.

  • عبدالله عيسى عبدالله


    O Messenger of Allah, we sacrifice our souls for you. You are God’s best creation. Throughout your life, you had been known for your high ethics with all human beings, whether the ones who insulted or harmed you and you treated them with clemency and forgiveness. You were keen to guide them to the right path. Many non-Muslims have confirmed that you have the best morals and the noblest moral features. Despite the values related to human rights, citizenship, freedom and democracy that you had offered to humanity, many people still ignore you and ignore your greatness. Maybe they know it quite well but their hearts are blind and filled with hatred toward you. Thus, they produced a low work which cannot be classified under the umbrella of art and innovation. We want every person who might think about presenting such works to know that he cannot detract from the honor and dignity of the Messenger of Allah. Whoever does such things is no more than foam which will quickly disappear while the Messenger of God remains as well as his good biography. We, as an Islamic nation, must issue a harsh warning that we will not accept that any person violates our sacred things and our belief which prevent us from harming the wrongdoer. However, we will take all the legitimate legal actions against the perpetrators of these crimes.

  • ناصر اسماعيل


    The Holy Prophet blessings and peace be upon him used to adopt the ethics of the Quran. He used to follow every single letter in the Quran. Thus, he was meek and good-hearted. He enjoyed a lot of qualities. In fact, Allah the Almighty sent our Holy Prophet to bring us from the darkness to the light. Indeed, many generations have learned many things from the Holy Prophet through his Hadiths or the words which have been transmitted by his companions and followers. Thus, we have learned all our life issues which we should apply. Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, is the last of all prophets and messengers. We have learned and we are still learning until now from our Holy Prophet, from those who used to transmit the Hadiths to us and from the things which our Prophet imposed on us or prevented us from doing. Therefore, no one, whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim, could blame Prophet Mohammed for anything since scientists are using his Hadiths as evidence, particularly the Western ones who have proven his miracles. Yet, they are denying them so as to prevent a lot of people from believing in Islam, the right religion. In fact, Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, had never obliged anyone to accept Islam but he used to convince people showing much leniency and love. This is really the approach which all of us should follow.

  • مرتضى مهدي


    We indict all the films, the stories and the pictures that have attacked the Prophet. And we don’t accept the spread of these films in the world. In fact, we must know that the prophet Muhammad came in order to guide humanity. Thus, we must respect all the religions and we must have the culture of the mutual respect. It is also important to respect the religious beliefs. In fact, it is important to spread all the forms of religious consciousness and to avoid the religious extremism that can lead to the collapse of rights. The Prophet was honored by God Almighty through getting the Al-Isra and Al-Mirag trip. Besides, the Prophet was responsible for the Islamic message. And he was the last Prophet. Thus, how can we allow others to attack him? And how can we respect each other if we don’t respect the Prophet of God? I would like to ask the wise men, the thinkers and the educated people: is this a wise act? In fact, this is a stupid act that has been carried out by a stupid person from a stupid society. This person has no culture or civilization and he lives in ignorance and backwardness like in the days of Pre-Islamic era. In fact, this tolerant religion came up with many principles for all the countries of the world. We are in a crisis. However, this is not a crisis of films. In fact, it is a crisis of thought, ignorance and backwardness. And this has raised the anger of all the Islamic and Western streets. And even the Coptic brothers indict these bad films. In fact, we don’t know what to do.