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Google blocks anti-Islam film in Saudi Arabia



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Google on Wednesday (September 19th) restricted access to an anti-Islam film in Saudi Arabia, after Saudi authorities on Tuesday urged Google to block all links on YouTube to the film, Al-Arabiya reported.

The low-budget film "Innocence of Muslims" shows Prophet Mohammed in a negative light and has been cited as the reason for protests and violence across the Middle East.

Google has already blocked the film in Egypt, Libya and other Muslim countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, to help stop the unrest.



    عبدالله احمد الحجيري


    All people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, oppose all those who attack the religious sanctities verbally or physically. Thus, we all indict the despicable insult against the greatest personality in history Muhammad peace be upon him. And we all fight all those who want to follow these cheap insults against our Islamic sanctities or against our Prophet peace be upon him. These insults express their despicable personalities. In fact, they want to inflame discord among people and they want to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims. Thus, we must not allow them to achieve their cheap targets. And we say to them that you will never succeed because Muslims know your despicable targets. And you will have no place in this world. At the same time, we all know that Islam indicts all these acts of destruction, murder and chaos because attacking the public and private places is considered as a violation of the Islamic teaching and not an act of defense. Thus, people have the right to hold peaceful demonstrations and to express their opinion. However, anger, revolt and attacking the State public money and the diplomatic missions and embassies have been considered as a violation of law.

  • ميدو رامى


    Except for the Messenger of God!

  • هناء


    Is it logical for any sane person to offend the Allah’s messenger to humanity after more than 1433 years of the advent of the mission of Islam?

  • العراقي الشمري


    Where is the stance of the Arabs towards the film? They will ould be held accountable before God.

  • fadk


    This offense is not directed to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and the Islamic religion only, but it is also against humankind, as the Prophet, peace be upon him, is the prophet of mercy as God has sent him to be a mercy to all worlds.