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Senior counter-terrorism officer killed north of Iraq



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Iraqi police in Salaheddine province said Saturday (September 15th) that unknown assailants wearing military uniforms killed a high-ranking officer in the counter-terrorism agency.

"Gunmen in Iraqi military uniforms opened fire with machine guns on a government vehicle used by Col. Saad Mohammed, director of investigations at the Salaheddine counter-terrorism department," Hasan al-Majmaie told Al-Shorfa.

The colonel "was killed on his way to work while his driver was seriously wounded", he said.

"A security force cordoned off the area of the attack and opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident and the entity that stands behind it," al-Majmaie added.



    جمعه علي جمعه


    The Iraqi people have been suffering since the start of the American war and the invasion which took place in Iraq by the American Forces. There is a dangerous phenomenon that is threatening their safety and their lives in all parts of Iraq, which is the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism, which has become very widespread in Iraq after the disappearance of the role of the security and the government in preserving the people's lives and safety, and fighting the criminals and the extremists. The terrorists and the extremists at that time have won a great deal of freedom because they did not find anyone who threatened their security and was fighting them. This has led to the significant increase in their numbers and their deployment of many of their ideas among the people to join them. Also, they were able to commit many crimes contrary to all the laws and the religions against their own people under many destinations, among them the political, the religious and the material from a terrorist and aggressive person’s point of view. Therefore, after the stabilization of the situation in Iraq and after the end of the American presence there, the Iraqi Government must act vigorously, address and combat these criminals with all the available means in order to preserve the lives, the safety and the security of all the citizens.