Eleven al-Qaeda militants arrested south of Iraq



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Iraqi police in Babil province said Saturday (September 15th) that 11 suspected al-Qaeda gunmen were arrested in "a carefully-planned operation" on a hideout used by al-Qaeda to launch terrorist attacks.

"The detainees include a prominent gunman who has been wanted by the Iraqi forces for several years," Babil police chief Maj. Gen. Sabah al-Fatlawi told Al-Shorfa.

The arrest was made based on intelligence provided by local residents, he added, noting that the information prompted a raid on a commercial building used by al-Qaeda as a headquarters in Jurf al-Sakher area.

Quantities of weapons and explosives found inside the building were also seized in the operation.



    صلاح ابراهيم عبدالله


    Extremism and terrorism are problems that must be addressed by all the countries of the world nowadays. Terrorism and extremism have become a serious danger that are threatening the safety of the lives and the security of the people in all the countries worldwide, where the crimes of terrorism are not confined to a particular State or a specific caste. However, terrorism's acts and its crimes have become widely spread among the States. The main and the first reason for the emergence and the proliferation of these groups in this way is the lack of security in some places that allow these outlaws to have an amount of liberty in the dissemination of their ideas among the people, the serious increase of their number and the breadth of the scope of their crimes. These crimes have widely spread in Iraq after the invasion of Iraq by America over the past years, which has led to the suspension of all the public departments in Iraq performing their function, including the police administration and the government that are working on securing and protecting the lives of people and their safety. The members of the government and the police at that time have become unsafe for themselves and their lives due to the American occupation, which led to the deterioration of the situation in Iraq in all the areas that the State relies on, whether the individual citizens living in Iraq or what has happened to many of them such as death, injury, and vandalism, and also, from another aspect, in the other area which the State relies on which is the economic and the material aspects that allow the citizens an adequate standard of living. The American invasion led to the deterioration of the economic aspect of Iraq, which has forced many people to engage in the terrorist groups and commit many murders quickly in order to provide what can help them to live under these conditions.