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One protestor dead in Egypt



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One protester died Friday (September 14th) and 27 were injured during clashes outside the US embassy in Cairo, where demonstrators protested a film deemed anti-Islamic, AFP reported.

The agency also said 53 police officers were injured during the clashes, seven of them receiving bullet wounds.

The protests against the US embassy began on Tuesday when several thousand people gathered, with one group replacing the American flag with an Islamic one.

The protests have since become smaller, mainly composed of youths sporadically attempting to breach the security lines and enter the embassy.

Earlier on Friday, the Muslim Brotherhood withdrew calls for nationwide protests in response to the film saying they would instead take part in a "symbolic" demonstration.

Both the Egyptian president and the Muslim Brotherhood have issued statements saying the US cannot be blamed for the film.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian army restored control late Friday after a group of Bedouins stormed an international peacekeepers' camp in the Sinai to protest against the film, AFP reported.

The Bedouins broke through the fence of the Multinational Force and Observers compound and set fire to an observation tower. The protesters also set fire to a car inside the compound, located in the town of Al-Goura, approximately 10 kilometres from the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

According to the official MENA news agency, the Egyptian army managed to regain control of the situation late in the evening "and calm was restored to the area."

The peacekeeping mission, which has contingents from 12 countries, is tasked with monitoring the 1979 peace treaty with neighbouring Israel.



    فريد علي


    The Egyptian people are conscious and coherent by nature. Nothing could affect the cohesion and coherence between the two religious groups in this nation, the Muslims and the Christians. Indeed, both parties are quite aware of the conspiracies which target our national unity. Nevertheless, we need to show more wisdom and prevent the enemy from influencing our relations. Those people are keen to impair national unity, the social harmony, and the mutual love and respect towards each other, stemming from our great sense of patriotism. In fact, the development and reconstruction of Egypt depends on national unity.