GCC condemns anti-Islam film, violence



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The Gulf Co-operation Council on Friday (September 14th) condemned the anti-Islam film that sparked protests in the region as well as the violence in some countries, AFP reported.

"This film cannot be accepted or excused as it abuses the feelings of Muslims and non-Muslims who reject insulting prophets, religions and beliefs," GCC Secretary General Abdullatif al-Zayani said in a statement.

Zayani also "condemned acts of violence against US embassies in some countries," adding that "our anger [...] is no excuse to such carry out such attacks that only serve the low and suspicious aims of those who produced it."

The GCC chief called for the issue to be dealt with "wisely" and for those who carry out or support such attacks to be punished.

Meanwhile, Bahrain's Interior Minister Sheikh Rashed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa ordered "the blocking of websites carrying the film mocking" Prophet Mohammed, according to state news agency BNA.

Citizens were urged "not to participate in broadcasting the film by sharing it on social media networks" and advised against allowing their children to watch it.



    ابراهيم فوزي


    A few days ago, we watched the film offending the Prophet, peace be upon him. The film was broadcast in all audio-visual media, including the satellite channels and most Internet sites. Indeed, this heinous work has provoked the anger and displeasure of all Muslims. We condemn and denounce the continued violations of the freedom of beliefs, perpetrated by the producers of that abhorrent film. This is a flagrant offense against Islam. We reject any manifestation of humiliation. In fact, the film represents a serious violation of individual privacy and the freedom of religious beliefs. Generally speaking, we reject the offense against any religion, personalities and religious rituals. Those principles are common to all religions. The demonstrations held by some Churches prove the rejection of such offenses. Indeed, the Christians rejected this film publicly. Besides, the freedom of religious beliefs is guaranteed by the international conventions and agreements, in addition to the Declaration of Human Rights, which include the freedom of belief. Therefore, we call on the concerned authorities to hold accountable the producers of that offending film as soon as possible. They should deal with this issue with strong firmness. Besides, they must censor the film immediately. Indeed, the Muslims are too furious and any negligence would lead to dire consequences. The Muslims would raise their eyebrows and their anger would reach its peak, leading to permanent hostility. Of course, this shameful work could not, in any way, fall under the freedom of creativity. In fact, the freedom of individuals to create things should not violate the freedom of others. In fact, the film producers should be accused of blasphemy. The film shows the immorality of the producers. It could not be tolerated by any culture, custom, religion or society. We must impose clear restrictions on those who call themselves the modern “geniuses” who compete to show absurdities under the umbrella of the freedom of creation. They must learn that the freedom of expression should be restricted firmly.

  • حسين عمران


    When we talk about the ethics and biography of Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, we should be aware that he used to forgive those who offended him, keep in touch with those who no longer visited him and behave well with those who had been hostile to him. He used to endure harm with patience given that the meanings of patience and forgiveness are close to one another since Allah has granted them to his Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him. Therefore, we have to spread the qualities and the ethics of our Holy Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him and preach them in the entire world. In fact, our Holy Prophet is the most honorable human being. He used to have good ethics and patience toward the harm he used to face. He used to respond to this hostility by goodness, unlike what you have claimed. In this respect, Islam appeared with Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, when there was neither a religion nor a civilization that recognizes the other or behaves peacefully toward others like Islam. This claim has been reflected in mutual denial in reality and practice as well as in the revolutions and persecutions which history has and is still talking about them. Indeed, Islam has not restricted salvation to members of a given divine religion without the other under the framework of being the sole divine religion. Islam has pointed out that those who have believed in the oneness of the Almighty Creator, the unseen, the hereafter, accountability and penalty and made good things in their lives according to any law of the true divine laws cannot be equal to those who have denied the right after recognizing it. These people have consequently become disbelievers in divinity and the unseen. They did not carry out good things and denied all the divine laws. Therefore, we have to spread the teachings of our religion and the ethics of our Holy Prophet around the world as the best response to whoever harms our religion and dear Prophet, the master of the mankind, blessings and peace be upon him.