Protests against anti-Islam film rage across Arab world



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Protests against a film deemed insulting to Islam erupted across the Arab world on Friday (September 14th), sparking violent clashes in Lebanon, Tunisia, Sudan and Yemen.

A demonstrator was killed and 25 people hurt in clashes with Lebanese security forces after an angry crowd of Islamists set fire to a KFC restaurant in Tripoli, AFP reported.

The demonstrators, many of them wearing long beards, poured out of a mosque after Friday prayers in the centre of the city, waving Islamist black flags and shouting against the United States and the Pope, who arrived Friday for a three-day visit.

More than 2,000 Islamists demonstrated in Amman on Friday to condemn the film, as the Jordanian government demanded YouTube remove the movie trailer posted on its website. Amid heavy security, some 400 Salafist jihadists demonstrated near the US embassy carrying black flags.

Protesters broke into the compound of the US embassy in Tunis on Friday, undeterred by volleys of tear gas and warning shots fired by security forces, an AFP photographer reported.

The demonstrators, acting aggressively, managed to clamber over one of the walls around the mission, near the car park where several vehicles had been set ablaze, the photographer said.

Several journalists told AFP they had been attacked by protesters.

Also in Tunis, angry protesters set fire to a US school in the capital, located close to the embassy, official media reported.

"The protesters who attacked the US embassy in Tunis on Friday set fire to the building of an American school located near the embassy and ransacked the place," the TAP news agency reported, citing one of its journalists.

In Khartoum, around 5,000 protesters stormed the embassies of Britain and Germany, which was torched and badly damaged, an AFP reporter said.

In the Yemeni capital Sanaa, security forces fired warning shots and water cannon to disperse crowds of protesters trying to reach the US embassy, AFP reported.

Security forces blocked all roads leading to the mission, after similar confrontations left four people dead on Thursday.

Protests in the region have been taking place since Tuesday, when US diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt were attacked by crowds over the online video.

An American ambassador and three other US officials were killed in the Libya attack.

In Egypt, protesters in Cairo clashed with police outside the US embassy again Friday for a fourth straight day.

Earlier the Muslim Brotherhood withdrew calls for nationwide protests in response to the film saying they would instead take part in a "symbolic" demonstration.

"In light of the events of the last two days, the Brotherhood has decided to participate only in a symbolic protest in Tahrir Square, so that there is no more destruction to property, or injuries, or deaths, as has happened in the past," the group's secretary general Mahmud Hussein said in a statement.

The Brotherhood's statement came after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said during a visit to Rome on Friday that the film is an "aggression" on Islam that distracts from the real problems of the Middle East.

"We cannot accept this type of aggression and attempt to sow discord. These irresponsible actions yield no good and draw attention away from real problems like the conflict in Syria, the fate of the Palestinians and the lack of stability in the Middle East," Morsi said.

The protests came as calls increased by religious leaders and civil society activities for protestors to exercise restraint.

In Libya, demonstrators marched simultaneously in Algeria Square in Tripoli and al-Shajara Square in Benghazi on Wednesday and denounced the use of weapons and violence.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned the film as "disgusting and reprehensible" and said "the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video."

Both the Egyptian president and the Muslim Brotherhood have issued statements saying the US cannot be blamed for the film.





    Allah ordered our generous Prophet to spread his new religion but without war, rather obliging him to spread peace. Here we will tell of a situation where Islam’s high morals were shown. The Prophet loved his wife Khadija very much as she was the first to see him after the divine muse was sent to him, calmed him down, and was the first to believe in him among the women. After she died he was saddened very much. Even after Allah ordered him to spread the calling and he was very busy with religion and ways to spread it, that didn’t stop him from asking about Khadija’s friends for her. How calm you are, Allah’s messenger and all the volumes will not be enough to talk about the beauty of your attributes.

  • محمود عبد الله


    Allah’s Prophet was very loving and tolerant towards those around him and he did his best to guide people without distinction and in the same way. What shows his intense purity was that all his wishes were answered. One day Abu Hurairah came to him brokenhearted and the Prophet knew from him that the reason for his sadness was that his mother always talked to him badly when he would invite her to enter Allah’s religion and stop worshiping statues. That’s meaningless and he complained to the Prophet that he always invited her with no results and came to the Prophet so he can pray to Allah for her guidance. As soon as Abu Hurairah returned, she met and welcomed him with Islam’s greeting; he nearly fainted from happiness.

  • سعد مصطفى


    They should get the producers of this hideous work with which they intended to insult our beloved Prophet and the Muslims must retaliate in the appropriate manner and be punished in their countries. Those who cannot be described wanted to say things about God’s messenger that wasn’t in him or in any of the Muslims following his guidance and example, but what can we do to retaliate? We must show them and the whole world how much we love and how proud and attached we are to our religion, and we must show them that all they spread about Islam and Muslims is not true and we will only achieve that through one way, following his example about what he told us and being an honorable face for Islam, to read Qur’an and to know about the Prophet’s life so we’d know all that in his life and be able to teach our kids about their religion, raising them for Islam, making them understand and planting the Prophet’s love in them to be his followers and to create a new generation of Muslims who understand their religion correctly and in the right way, to care for science and encourage scientists in order to show them that Muslims and Mohammed’s nation is a nation of science and not of ignorance as they spread about it. If we do this we would have retaliated for the abuse of our Prophet and proven that we are worthy of having him as a Prophet.

  • رائد محمد فتحي


    The Libyan people have underestimated the American ambassador and betrayed him. He trusted their country, but they betrayed him and killed him, while he was not guilty. The Libyan people are very reckless. Awareness must be spread in Libya as much as possible and every person who participates in this crime must be held accountable legally. We are all Muslims and jealous over our religion and our Prophet, but we do not kill anyone.

  • محفوظ نجيب


    The producers of the film offending the Prophet of guidance (upon him blessings and peace) did not mean anything but to start a strife between the Muslims and non-Muslims in the whole world. We must work on understanding the truth and discussing it through the visual and audio media, so as not to mix things together. Please slow down when issuing any viewpoint in this matter.

  • إبراهيم أحمد


    What we are seeing now regarding the offensive movie of the prophet (upon him blessings and peace) is a great disaster and a disgrace to all wishing to participate in this offensive film, even if only viewers. I offer my sincere thanks to all the young ones boycotting the websites Google and YouTube to force them to delete this film and not to put it on again because it would be against Islam and the Muslims. The Holy Prophet treated a lot of non-Muslims with gentle persuasion and met bad with good. He did not cause any harm to non-Muslims, but he treated them well and was compassionate to the weak among them, and wishes them well. How can these traitors say that they embody the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace)? There is no one on earth worth a kernel of corn compared to the beauty of the Prophet who is as described by Ms. Aisha as “a walking light on the earth”. God forbid whoever does bad to this person. God's curse upon anyone who mocks the prophet and he is not ashamed of what he had done. He will see God’s severe punishment for what he dared and did, and who helped him from the team. God will never bless this work for what it contains such as offending our beloved prophet. May I remind you during the previous years of what they did regarding cartoons, drawing the Prophet, and offending his personality, and God forbid said that he is a matrimonial person. The Muslim world took an attitude but to no avail. They issued a law not to offend religions and these figures not to be portrayed, but that law will never be activated.

  • مروان


    And thou standest on an exalted standard of character. What those immoral bastards have done is nothing but malice and guile against Islam and the Muslims. How can they make an offending film about the Prophet of mercy upon him blessings and peace? What we have seen in this film is a mockery of Islam. It destroys the image of Islam and offends all the Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad because the Prophet is our leader forward and is our ideal person. Whoever made this film will see torment in this world and the Hereafter, and has no salvation in the Hereafter. Whoever listens to him and sees this film will not be able to complete it due to the filth and nastiness done to the image of Islam and Muslims. God forbid that the Prophet, peace be upon him, has such an ugly image that no one in the world can accept it. How can an individual insult the Islamic religion and Muslims? The Muslim religion does not accept the abuse of any other religion because religions are heavenly, righteous, and not to be compromised regarding their beliefs or religious beliefs. The other religions are also not allowed to insult the Islamic religion or touch its doctrines or beliefs as well as to look at the Islamic religion with certainty, and collect information and issues about Islam. Therefore, so as not to look badly at Islam and Muslims, and not to take things based on appearance and go deeper in the issues of Islam, they will benefit from it in the issues of their lives, God willing.

  • طارق يوسف


    How ugly is what these malicious and rude persons did against the Messenger of Allah? They brought his personal life in an offending film which did not even represent his true personality features. It offended him and his pure message. O Allah, I pray to You because this messenger is the Seal of the Honored Prophets and You named him Your Beloved. I sacrifice my mother, father, my money and all that I have for you Messenger of Allah. All this will not affect the Messenger of Allah or affect Islam but it will be the rope that connects Islam to the mainland, and the same rope that they wrap around their necks, and kill themselves with it. The Messenger of Allah, even if he died, has the Lord to protect him and there are Muslims who know how to show the tolerance of Islam and not by burning or vandalism.

  • حسن محمود أحمد


    The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was responding to bad deeds with good deeds, and has always been advocated for those who offended him with guidance and dealt with his offenders with something of a reverse action, which is kindness, a smile and a soft prayer for them to be guided. His heart was free from envy, hatred and anger. Islam, in general, is Quran’s mercy and aimed only towards the good of all humanity and the combination of all religions in tolerance and love. It will not create hatred between them. Even after the death of the Messenger of Allah, Islam continued to call for tolerance among the noble Companions, followers and followers of followers. Islam is a way of life and religion is the way of treatment.

  • عبد الرحيم عامر


    The people who believe in freedom, democracy, demonstrations, and sit-ins should realize that democracy is not based on the foundations of vandalism of buildings, burning of cars, and demagogic behavior that may be terrorist and destructive. The right to demonstrate in a peaceful way is guaranteed without prejudice to any building or car. The rights, which lie on what the governments must adhere to, is without prejudice to the demonstrators or exposure to them, but is committed to securing demonstrations until the end. How can the governments commit to this and see these young people as well as these demonstrators carry out acts of terrorism, sabotage and destruction of public property and property of the people? The youth must think before acting in any way that destroys their country’s facilities.

  • رشيد عمير


    The prophet of Allah is the best of all the creatures without a doubt, and he is the perfect human being. He had all terms and characteristics of a perfect and balanced person as well as having one of the most important characteristics which is mercy. He was kind and merciful to the young and respectful to the elders. He has merciful attitudes even with the non-Muslims when he ordered not to kill the children, women and elder people in war. He even ordered fighting the tyrants only. Moreover, his mercy too shows that he forgives them if they repented and came back to righteousness. He was even merciful with animals and insects, and he ordered that it should not be killed unless it caused us harm or it attacked us. When a Bedouin came to the prophet and demanded him to pay the debt in a violent and fierce way, Omar Bin Al Khattab wanted to kill the man. The prophet of Allah (peace upon him) forbade him and smiled at the Bedouin, paid the debt and said to Omar, “You were more likely to order us to pay the debt in its time and order him to ask in a good way.” The prophet did not force anyone to accept Islam using violence but he was merciful toward disobedience and he used both ways of persuasion and intimidation. Everybody knows the person who peed in the Masajid (mosque) and the prophet of Allah had mercy on him because he did not know the provisions of Shariah, Purity and Impurity, and he prevented the Sahaabah (his companions) from using violence against him. He also said to them, “Do not interrupt him and wait till he finishes.” After he finished peeing, the prophet of Allah explained to him using mercy and wisdom, and said to him, “Masajid are not suitable for peeing or shitting, but it was built to mention Allah, to pray and to read the Quran.” All the former clarifies how our prophet was merciful, kind, not violent, and not tyrannical but these attitudes are dropped from his mercy. He really is the person in the words, “We sent thee not to save but as a mercy for the peoples.”

  • محمد واصف حسن


    By using his brain, a person can achieve his desires. This sentence has a number of words but in its content it contains a lot. We must rise up and control ourselves according to what this sentence owns regarding such meanings on an individual level and on a group level as well. I mean with the world group the gatherings that came out and adapted some cause or certain situation. It came out carrying this cause on its shoulders but it does not know how to express what it wants. It knows that it is in a peaceful protest but the meaning of peacefulness is not extended to violations that are committed there. The circle was closed when it said that it is peaceful which means that it does not include any kind of weapons, including mass destruction weapons. Even some people do not know that it does not include any sabotage. There is no violation of the inviolability of roads, no destroying, no burning, and the governmental buildings have no guilt in our wrong concepts. We must all rise up ourselves again and control it according to this sentence, so we can be able to have our rights. No one, no matter how much power he has, can take these rights from us, especially when the law guarantees this right to us. However, what takes these rights is what we choose of ways and methods of how we express our rights and what is inside of us. That is why all educational institutions should carry the responsibility for this rising, taking into account the observance by protesters of their behavior in demonstrations.

  • مفلح نمر خصيب


    What happens to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, is our fault as Muslims and Muslim rulers. They had, instead of the burning and brutal expression, methods that do not relate to the Islamic religion, and we tell the West, all the people, and all previous religions who Muhammad is, peace be upon him. What he brought (peace be upon him) of the values and ethics of utopia before it comes back to religion. Muhammad, peace be upon him, was not the first prophet who claimed to worship God Almighty, but rather he was the last of the prophets. What Muhammad brought (peace be upon him) is a building block that complements the building of the former prophets according to the saying. "Like me and like the prophets before me, like a man building a house, well done and outlined. Only the subject of a building block in the angle of the corners. They started touring it and people admired him and said, 'Can you put this brick?’ ‘I am that brick, I seal the Prophets.’” The brick that complements everyone’s morals, according to the verse, "I was sent to complete the best of morals." Believe the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. Therefore, we, as Muslims, should defend our noble Messenger and follow his Sunnah. He came to us and walked with virtuous morals so that we would be true heirs of the Prophet. We could tell the whole world who Muhammad is, peace be upon him.

  • محمود عمار


    The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, came to the Muslims and non-Muslims. Even the invitation came to an infidel society and came through an illiterate orphan messenger to call out to the world without a difference. This is the messenger whom Gabriel (peace be upon him) told about, saying, “O Messenger of Allah, if you said, destroy the infidels and unjustice people, I will, God willing.” This is the Messenger of Allah. He was patient and he suffered until he died after delivering his message. We live under criminal and terrorist governments. The easiest thing they do is suppress freedoms and suppress the people, and this is contrary to the correct and sound teachings of Islam. We are in a free society characterized by freedom and Islam came to publish this in the world and the society. The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, came beckoning and calling to the religion of Islam and compassion, no matter how much we talk about the manners the Messenger of Allah. It is not enough to say that, “And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.” We find in the mercy of Messenger of Allah a lot. He was patient with disease and calamity, but most of all he found the teachings of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali to be strong foundations of the Islamic religion to produce scientists and thinkers who preceded their faith and knowledge of the whole world. This is the messenger of God who is patient with the infidels, Jews and tribal disputes. Who can stand for this and have mercy in his heart now? Now, policies of violence, strong repression and other means that lack the elements of compassion, love and tolerance spread among us. The Muslims and Muslim scholars should be unifying their concepts and clarifying the essence of Islamic law as well as the issuance of special publications explaining the manners of Messenger of Allah and the mercy sent by God Almighty. We, as Muslims, must stand on the cultures of other countries and take more from the experiences of the countries in order to reach more of the civilization and culture.

  • صالح جمال


    The Messenger of Allah met bad deeds with good deeds and told us to have good morals. Allah said about him (And thou (stand) on an exalted standard of character).

  • فارس محمد


    Self control requires an ability to control oneself and a superpower to overcome this destructive force that includes peaceful demonstrations.

  • جاسم محمد القاسمي


    What happened to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, is just a bad act which backfired on the doer. It is the realistic case for what others did to abuse and undermine the Prophet peace be upon him. We conclude that from our real lives, the Quran also told us that God said: “Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the ignorant”. The Quran ordered us to keep away from disbelievers. How many people have encouraged this man who distorted the Holy Prophet through publicity? And how many people have watched the film with awareness of what he aimed to tell about Prophet? If we want to defend our Prophet, we shouldn’t gather in public places and resort to open talks. Our reaction shouldn’t be through analyzing the film and talking about its content in the media. Our Prophet did not need anyone to witness his ethics because God and the Quran did that perfectly. The latter is considered as a study approach and a teaching source. Thus, as Muslims, we must not belong to the pre-Islamic sect. Added to that, we must never intangibly or insignificantly publicize this movie.

  • عبدالله عيسى جاسم


    Demonstration is a guaranteed right for everyone to ask for the denied rights or to object to any wrong behavior on the part of any Official or any position. Yet, demonstrations must be carried out peacefully without violence, destruction, burning or immeasurable losses.

  • فهد عبدالله


    Muhammad is the last Prophet and he is the most honorable creature, peace be upon him. In fact, he dreamed of conveying his message to the whole world and he endured a lot of difficulties for the sake of this message. In fact, he faced rejection and was ridiculed. However, he responded with tolerance and forgiveness. He was born an orphan and he didn’t know reading and writing. And then he received the Quran by the first verse “read” and this was the first miracle in the Prophet’s era, peace be upon him. In fact, Islam came to complement the previous religions and it came as a mercy for all people. Since his childhood, the prophet, peace be upon him, was called the honest and he received the message at the age of 40.

  • حسين احمد المدوب


    We are in the era of wonders. And we have witnessed big mistakes against our God and our Prophet. In fact, they have insulted our religion, especially when Muslims have killed each other although Islam forbids the killing of our Muslim brothers. These Muslims have killed each other for the sake of money and power. Besides, we have witnessed many events in a short time. For example, in Denmark they have insulted our holy Prophet by the offensive pictures. However, we haven’t taken sufficient measures in order to prevent the recurrence of these events. Thus, Denmark made an apology due to this insult. And recently, some despicable people have portrayed the Prophet, peace be upon him, in a film. In fact, they have insulted our beloved Prophet. Thus, how can we remain silent? We must move and we must cooperate in order to stand against this insult through peaceful ways. In fact, these people must know the suffering of our great Prophet who has tried to spread Islam in an honorable way. Thus, we must organize our ideas and determine our targets like what the Muslims have done in America. In fact, they have distributed the books and CDs in order to define our beloved Prophet. They have offered them as gifts. Thus, we must spread the Prophet’s biography, peace be upon him, through the social network sites. And we must spread and preserve his Sunnah. In fact, our beloved Prophet doesn’t accept violence in the demonstrations.

  • حسن محمد


    We can excuse them because they don’t know our beloved Prophet who is the best creature. And we don’t deny that they made a big mistake when they insulted the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Prophet is the most honest creature. Thus, we must take a serious stand against these unbelievers who have no religion. In fact, we must act seriously and intelligently. And we must not behave in a violent way. Thus, the whole world must know our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, through the cinemas and books. These books must be in different languages in order to clarify the biography of the prophet Muhammad. Thus, we must behave calmly and without demonstrations, murder and violence because these behaviors are against the Islamic teachings. And the Governments must move in order to arrest those who have committed this crime. In fact, these criminals must get their due punishment because they have attacked religions. And the Arab countries must assume this responsibility and they must cooperate in order to stand against the country that has attacked religions.

  • حميد حسن جاسم


    Islam is the religion of tolerance and convenience. And the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the most tolerant creature especially in dealing with his enemies. In fact, the Prophet’s stance in the battle of Uhud proved his tolerance especially when his enemies dug a deep pit which was covered by the trees’ leaves. Thus, the prophet fell down into this pit, peace be upon him. And his face was injured with the iron helmet. Thus, Ubaid ibn Abi Al-Jarrah pulled the iron with his teeth until they were broken. And, Ali ibn Abu Talib poured water on the prophet’s face. Then Fatima cleaned his face from blood and she burned a piece of mat in order to stop the heavy bloodshed. Thus, one of the companions said to the Prophet due to his great pain: do you not pray God in order to punish those who have harmed you? He said: I was not sent as a curse, but as a mercy. May God guide my nation. In fact, they don’t know the value tolerance and forgiveness. There are a lot of stances that prove the tolerance of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • حبيب علي


    The most important ethics of Islam and Muslims is forgiveness. For this reason, the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya does not comply with the ethics of our tolerant religion. The perpetrators must realize that violent acts make things worse. Violence is actually futile. The Muslims do not respond to insults by killings. The perpetrators are not in line with us.

  • سلمان عباس


    The Prophet showed compassion to Muslims even in the practice of worship. There was a preacher who gave too long sermons. He did not take into consideration that some worshipers are physically vulnerable and unable to attend the long sermons. The Prophet knew that those preachers are, unconsciously, alienating the believers from worshiping their Lord. He also learned that there were some other preachers who were not eloquent at all, which caused the reluctance of some Muslims to worship God. The Prophet responded to those complaints. In fact, there are many instances which show that the Prophet was very merciful. People should be treated and evaluated according to their manners and their deeds. The prophet, blessing and peace be upon him, was the best man ever in this respect. Indeed, the Prophet showed mercy and forgiveness even to his enemy and invasion hostages. He forgave many of them. For this reason, they did not hate him. The Prophet was angry only when Islam and Allah were insulted.

  • نواف ناصر احمد


    We have to show our strength in this particular time but it should be with the Quran rather than with weapons. In fact, there is no response towards this person that is better than finding Muslims who do not care for the abuses in this film, which can hardly be called a film, especially when we find a group of non-Muslims who have entered Islam. We should thank Allah that both issues have taken place since almost four hundred thousand people have converted to Islam in America where the film was made after they realized what Islam is. This was really a good result for Muslims since blessings come in times of adversities and this was actually what happened. Thus, every Muslim must find now the appropriate response for his religion and his faith in Allah for which he will be held accountable by Allah the Almighty. For instance, if any Muslim person feels that there is a shortcoming in his faith, he must recognize the suspicious things in his faith and get rid of them. Yet, if he feels that he should be an ambassador of Islam with his good ethics, he should be a preacher ambassador but he must not leave the entire issue otherwise his position will be negative. This is really our response to this film. This response will change a lot of things without weapons given that the words are mightier than swords.

  • عباس محسن


    The ethics of Islam have ordered us not to respond to abuse through abuse. These ethics have also prevented us from insulting any God or tenet symbol of any non-Muslim person so as to avoid subjecting Allah to any kind of abuse. In fact, everyone knows that there are some Quranic verses which call for turning away from the Mushrikeen if they abuse Islam or insult Allah and His Holy Prophet. I would like to confirm that Islam has ordered us to do so but it has also asked us not to keep motionless and accept being in the position of weakness and apathy. These are really the things that Islam rejects. In this respect, the Holy Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, mentioned in the Hadith that Muslims must be aware that strong and courageous Muslims are better for Allah than weak Muslims. Thus, strength is a legitimate demand for people and when we see some mentally diseased people who bear hatred and hostility to Islam, we should react.

  • علي جمعة المحميد


    In many of the various Hadiths of Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, it has been mentioned that he was the most smiling person until one of his companions quit all the meetings whenever he saw the Prophet because he used to smile as soon as he met him. Thus, if we look together for the cheerful person who orders people around him to smile and never be frown, I wonder whether this personality is not balanced or bears malice and hatred for people or it is a character who cannot bear nothing but well-being, peace and real love for everyone. Thus, smiles and tolerance have been the qualities of the Messenger of Allah. For instance, he never harmed his servant Anas with any word. Also, he neither beat nor frowned in his face although Anas might anger him. Yet, the Prophet of Allah, blessings and peace be upon him, did not harm him. He used to think well of people and was keen to spread tolerance and love between people. However, a lot of people have not been aware of that and forgotten it. They thought that the strength of Islam means intolerance. In fact, there is no difference between both meanings, given that power does not exclude tolerance but it means the complete ability to be tolerant and you possess the punishment. This had been reflected many times in the Prophet’s conquests and after the conquest of Mecca when he forgave many people who harmed him. In fact, our Prophet did not use to deal with them in their way but his behavior was based on only one pillar. The message of the Holy Prophet is Islam which requires a strong-willed and determined person and all these qualities exist in the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him.

  • توفيق صالح


    The whole world knows the extent of the Islamic religion’s tolerance whether with Muslims or non-Muslims. In fact, we have learnt tolerance from Islam because we all know how Islam dealt with the non-Muslims.

  • طلال احمد سالم


    We cannot describe the extent of the Prophet’s mercy toward others. In fact, the World doesn’t know that the Prophet has been merciful toward all people. He has also showed mercy toward servants. This is in order to achieve equality between servants and brothers in treatment. God Almighty created us in different classes in order to test the extent of our mercy and not to conspire against others or to maltreat them. In fact, God created the King, the servant and the poor. Thus, the King must not disrespect the servant because God created him a king. The Prophet taught us how to be merciful with all people and he prevented us from killing children and women. There was a Jewish boy who worked with the Prophet and when he was infected with a disease, the Prophet visited him and asked him to convert to Islam. Thus, the boy looked to his father who ordered him to obey the Prophet of God. Then the Prophet left and said: Thanks to God who saved the boy from fire. And Abu Huraira said to the Prophet that he wanted his mother to convert Islam and he cried. Thus, the Prophet asked him to pray for his mother and when he went home he found his mother performing ablutions and she converted to Islam. And then, Abu Huraira asked the Prophet to pray for him and for his mother.

  • يحيى احمد الخياط


    We must have a thoughtful and orderly response to the offense of our beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him). In my personal opinion, the response must be based on three sides. The first is the Muslim individuals in every country of the world, the second is through the governments of Islamic countries, and the third is through the States. We begin with the first. Muslims, as individuals, must embrace the ethics of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him). We must control our tempers and we must not destroy or protest so that the souls of our young people will not go down the drain. This does not please our beloved messenger. However, we should spread the teachings of our religion and disseminate the ethics generally in our dealings with the Muslims and non-Muslims, and distribute the biography in all languages of the world to non-Muslim foreigners. This is the duty of the Muslims living in foreign countries. The second is that the governments should enact laws punishing with the strongest penalties any offense of any religion of religions and those should be severe punishments. The third, the Arab States should unite to confront any foreign country issuing anything or its citizens insulting our beloved messenger. These thoughtful steps can respond to any abuse of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and also invite non-Muslims, and introduce them to Islam and Muslims. We are a centrist religion and it is a religion that calls for tolerance and love. It does not make enmity but instead it defends our prophet with all our strength and with true Muslims ethics. The hustle, burning, and destruction are not of morals or ethics of our religion or our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Nevertheless, he invites us to be patient and act wisely and not impulsively because thus we will not lose anything. However, we will lose many things if we do not act wisely.

  • حسن ابراهيم


    We must not remain motionless toward what some people have perpetrated against the Islamic religion. Such attitudes contradict with customs, traditions and ethics which are the main feature of civilized societies. We just shout, indict and condemn these acts. If the United States, where this movie was produced, does not enact a law prohibiting and holding accountable whoever despises religions, we must bring to trial the person who did this work and file the case to the International Court. In fact, Islam is the most important and the greatest religion. It has greatly contributed to the advancement and promotion of humankind. Therefore, we must not tolerate tainting the prophet although we lack balance, commitment to law during the demonstrations which swept the Muslim countries as a manner of protesting the film and for not taking a serious stance against those who made it. However, these demonstrations may continue and escalate. We mention specially the demonstrations around the US embassies in most Muslim countries. If we do not deal with this issue quickly, things may degenerate and spark hatred and animosity between the Governments and peoples. We know that the American people do not bear any responsibility as to these low acts. The ones who produce and broadcast it shall bear the responsibly. Thus, the Government shall take a strong stance toward them given that statements and condemnations did nothing and will not relieve the infuriated Muslim people.

  • عبدالهادي عيسى


    The film offending the Prophet, peace be upon him, abused not only the Muslims, but also the international community as a whole. This matter drew the attention of everyone and not only the Muslims. Anyway, such works could not distort the bright image of the Messenger of Allah, his sacredness and his position in the enlightened hearts and minds. The film represents a distortion and underestimation to all moral and community values. It is also an insult to international conventions which criminalize the violation of human rights. Those conventions guarantee the freedom of belief and prevent any violation of the sanctity, directives and clauses. Therefore, we need a global stance against this work so as to prevent whoever wishes to produce low films. The international conventions stipulate that the peoples are entitled to enjoy the freedom of belief and receive respect for their religions. We should not rule out the possibility of the outbreak of a new world war based, this time, on religious creeds rather than territories, goods or wealth. Indeed, people would fight in order to defend their religions against the tampering abusers.

  • كاظم أحمد علي


    I would like to narrate the biography of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, to those who do not know him quite well. In fact, this great man won the appreciation and respect of his fellows as well as his enemies. Allah Almighty chose Muhammad to disseminate His message to humanity as a whole. Hence, he was called the Messenger of Allah. His companions called him the honest and sincere in view of his perfect integrity in his dealings with people. The Prophet did not hesitate to help the needy. He also gave a helping hand to the poor, showed kindness to children, and respect to the elderly. When he received the divine revelation, he was asked to inform humanity as a whole of God’s message explicitly. Unfortunately, his people did not believe him. Thus, they insulted him and tried to kill him. Then, the Messenger of Allah was forced to leave his hometown, though he adored it. He left his birthplace because he was keen to transmit his divine message to everyone at any cost. Indeed, he strove and suffered for a long time. The Prophet emigrated from Mecca to Medina. However, the distance did not reduce the risk to his life as well as his sacred message. In fact, his enemies kept trying to defeat him and abort the divine call. The Muslims confronted the infidels in several war invasions, which cost the believers a lot of effort, money and lives. Despite the abuses of the enemies of Allah toward him, the Prophet complied with the teachings of Islam. Indeed, that was the approach of the Messenger of Allah and his companions in any invasion. The Messenger of Allah ordered them not to kill the children, the women and the elderly. The Muslim fighters were ordered to avoid burning and destroying the towns. They were committed to warfare ethics and treaties between them and their enemies. The invasions by the Muslims were meant to defend the existence of the Islamic State and keep it strong so as not to weaken Islam. These are the teachings of Islam and the ethics of the Prophet of Islam, which do not change nor impair through attitudes and circumstances, peaceful or forceful.

  • احمد موسى


    The Arabs and Muslims strongly deplore the blatant irresponsible offense on their sacred religious beliefs. The producers and presenters of the offending film sought to provoke the Muslim masses and the Islamic nations through insulting their Messenger. The production of such films is a deviant and criminal act. The fair and moderate people would reject that film. The Muslim masses demonstrated in streets and public squares in order to express their outrage and indignation toward this abuse. Being Muslims, we respect quite well the sanctity of all religions. In fact, the Muslims guarantee for those who live in their territories their religious freedom. They appreciate religious differences. In this respect, the Muslims prevent, and even criminalize the infringement of individuals’ doctrines. We know quite well that this film is incompatible with the principles of Human Rights. The latter urges individuals and authorities to respect religious beliefs. Thus, such acts should be addressed because they provoke turmoil, uproar and anger among the zealous religious people who adhere to the freedom of faith. Those principles must be defended by all sects, groups, institutions and conventions. For this reason, the Islamic nation is calling and insisting on the total censorship of this work. Besides, the producers of that heinous film must be held accountable. In addition, the Muslims should receive a public and official apology for such offense against the Messenger of Allah, which is an insult to all Muslims and whoever believes in the freedom of religion. Everyone must respect the beliefs of others regardless of his intellectual trend or personal creed.

  • عبدالله ابراهيم يوسف


    The Muslim world is being targeted by some narrow-minded and sick people through insulting and slandering the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. The perpetrators are seeking to provoke the Muslims. However, the latter should be more conscious in their response. They should not slip into violence because this is what the enemies of Islam want. The perpetrators want to show that Muslims are anarchists who do not have reason. Thus, we should not be an easy prey to their plots and conspiracies. For this reason, we should protest in accordance with the commandments of our religion. Indeed, we have to avoid the sabotage of facilities and private and public properties in our nations. We need to express our opinion and condemnation of this work in a peaceful manner. The Muslims must avoid violence and aggression. There is no doubt that everyone is grieved by the abuses to the Messenger of Allah. However, we must show self control. We must control our anger to convey to the world the true image of Islam, the religion of moderation and wisdom. We must not give the wrong image, characterized by violence and vandalism of public properties. The character of the Prophet of Islam is too great to be tarnished by a heinous film which reflects the hatred of the producers. The latter are very hostile to Islam and Muslims. Thus, the intellectuals, the wise elders and the scholars in the Islamic world must educate the Muslim masses, especially the youth, about the true nature of Islam. The young people must keep in mind that the true Muslims think well before they carry out any act. They should make sure that every act complies with the values of the religion and the principles of Islam.

  • يوسف أحمد زويد


    We Muslims must protect our sanctities without being exposed to any insult. These holy sanctities must not be exposed to any attack because they have a great value. Thus, we must protect them forever. In fact, we all oppose those who have insulted our noble Prophet and especially the stupid Diaspora Copts who have shared their insult on many internet sites in order to make it available to all the world's peoples. Thus, all these people have indicted these acts and insults against all the religions because insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has been considered as an insult against all the divine religions. That’s why we must indict these insults and we must fight all the despicable persons who have attacked Islam. Besides, we must react according to the Islamic principles and to the Prophet’s ethics, peace be upon him. In fact, Islam calls for wisdom, patience and tolerance. Thus, the attacks against the consulates and the political missions and the acts of burning the public properties and the police cars are forbidden by Islam because our religion calls for protecting those who come to our countries. In fact, this is among our duties according to our religion’s principles and teachings.

  • امل بدأرنة


    We ask God to glorify Islam and support the Muslims.

  • abo danne


    I support the idea of the demonstrations, but I cannot find an explanation for something until this moment. Why do the Muslims in the USA and Europe not demonstrate? Is it for fear for their interests or just an attempt to save their souls?

  • مواطنة عربية


    O God! support Islam and make the Muslims victorious.

  • الارسول الله


    Except for the Messenger of God, Peace Be upon Him!

  • drmowaffaq


    Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds! Peace and Blessings on our Master Muhammad, His pure family and His kind companies. The figure of the Noble Messenger (Peace Be upon Him) has faced over the times and in different places of the world, especially the current time, big insults and malice by some institutions, companies and individuals in some western countries that intentionally insult Islam and the Noble Messenger. At the same time, we see unjustified silence, carelessness and indifference from some Muslims, especially the decision makers in most Muslim countries regarding the recurrent insults. They are just watching as if it has nothing to do with them and as if it does not insult the greatest personality that has no match in history all over the ages and generations. He is the guide of humanity and her first teacher Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Peace Be upon Him). One foreign writer wrote a book about the most influential characters on the procession of humanity all over ages. He wrote the book titled “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”. The first was Muhammad (PBUH). Almighty God made the enemies of Islam and the opponents in belief and opinion say it before others to show the great personality of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). He is the most prominent figure in history that led humanity to goodness, guidance and faith. This happened when they studied the great personalities in history that directly influenced the history of humanity based on accurate, academic and scientific study without any bias or partiality and without an intention to change facts and distort them. The bright light cannot be covered up no matter how much the spiteful people and enemies try to extinguish or hide it from the sight of other people because Almighty God will complete his light regardless of the hatred of unbelievers. The recent insults to the personality of the Noble Messenger (Peace Be upon him) are committed through cinematic films and cartoons. They were screened and they showed clear and intended offense to the monotheistic Islamic religion represented in the character of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). They give all Muslims in the east and west historic and religious responsibility with which God wants to try us to see how much we love our first guide and how much commitment we have towards the principals of His religion and the readiness to sacrifice, defend and die for Him. These insults will be like a measurement to assess the adherence of Muslims to their religion and their Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) and gathering around the flag of righteousness and goodness which He represents to support the oppressed and fight the tyrants and corrupt oppressors. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, wherever you are, we urge you in this situation which Almighty God wants to try us with, to give the matter the attention and seriousness to stand up effectively, powerfully and in a civilized way suitable for the current time against this insult. We have to do that effectively using influential and different methods that suit the circumstances and capabilities we have. They have to address and influence the western mentality which is far from the Islamic religion and does not accept his kind teachings and great principals. At this time, you have to gather around the symbol of our unity, the Noble Messenger Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). He is the symbol of our unity, force, status, coherence and guidance. He is the light that illuminates our way. Our last call is “Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds and Peace and Blessings of God upon our Master Muhammad, His Kind and Pure family and His Good Companions!

  • رحاب النبي


    Peace be upon you O honorable Muslims…. we have to support each other in this life and we have to be one hand. God would support sincere slaves.

  • نادية


    America says something and does another thing