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Iraq to transfer Syrian refugees to new camp



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The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displaced on Thursday (September 13th) announced it started relocating Syrian refugees from western Iraq near the Syrian border to a camp compliant with international human rights standards.

"About 650 Syrian refugees started moving from deserted schools and government buildings where they were staying to a modern camp set up for them," Mohammed al-Dulaimi, chairman of the ministry's reception committee for foreign immigrants, told Al-Shorfa.

"The camp is located in central al-Qaim and features air-conditioned rooms, a medical and health centre," al-Dulaimi said. "It is also supplied with electricity and TV sets, and is supervised by a committee from the Iraqi government, United Nations and Iraqi Red Crescent."

He added that about 400 additional refugees would soon be transferred to the same camp.



    راشد احمد


    All Arab and international communities must help the Syrian refugees in various ways, not as a favor to the people of Syria but because it is the duty of the international communities.

  • خليفة محمد صالح


    We ask the Arab countries not to stand silent and to move alongside the refugees and to take care of their affairs, and this is their most basic right. Algeria is one of the countries that support the Syrian cause. Algeria has welcomed thousands of the Syrians who are homeless, and it is also asking for financial and psychological support. Many of the Arab countries support the Syrians financially and psychologically against its enemy, who is one of its sons, but it is not a condition that your homeland is the state you live in. The duty of the Arab nation is for the refugee to feel that all the Arab countries are his homeland. We all have one language and one common blood, so that we are all brothers and have the main concerns and hope; one day we will be under the ground and under one ceiling.

  • حسين نزار علي


    The unjust Syrian regime has succeeded in deporting thousands of Syrian refugees from their beloved homes. Thus, they have become homeless and they have searched for shelter in order to protect themselves from the tyrant agents of Bashar. How long will our Syrian brothers seek their right of political asylum which must be recognized by the Arab countries, especially after being expelled from their lands? In fact, there is no effective response to these demands. Thus, the Syrian refugees have become obliged to stay in camps in the countries’ outskirts begging for food. In fact, they have been suffering from all types of torture. Thus, all the Arab countries must help the refugees by all possible means in order to provide them a decent and safe life. Besides, the Arab Governments must put pressure on the international community by all means in order to stop this bloodshed in Syria and to topple the regime of the tyrant Bashar. In fact, it is not sufficient to oblige Bashar to step down, but it is necessary to bring him to trial because he has committed many crimes against Syrians. Thus, as Arab people we are responsible for providing services for Syrians even if the Governments have neglected them. And as Arab people we can support them financially and morally by providing them suitable houses and respectable job opportunities. This is in addition to the financial aid such as medicines, food, clothes and blankets. And psychological support is one of the most important kinds of aid. Thus, it is important to accept these families among us with compassion and mercy until God raises distress from Syria in order to return to their country with good memories from the different Arab countries.

  • عبد الرحمن توفيق


    The number of Arab refugees who fled their nations to neighboring and other countries has increased considerably. The refugees are seeking security in the host nations because the situation in their homelands puts their lives at risk. Their immigration is attributable to many reasons, including the wars, which mean bombs and missiles targeting the families of these refugees, and poverty. Indeed, many immigrants flee their nation in order to make a living. Some others are seeking refuge because of the lack of any safe shelter in their country of origin. In fact, the reasons are countless. Let us focus on the Arab refugees as an example. We note that Syrian refugees represent the biggest proportion of the Arab refugees. Indeed, many Syrian people are forced to leave their nation, properties, homes, and families and flee to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Yemen and sometimes Turkey in search of a safe shelter. They want to avoid the daily bombings and shootings which endanger the life of every individual in the State without any exception. Apart from the Syrians, there are also many refugees from Iraq, Yemen and other Arab nations. However, the most distressed nation is Syria. Thus, the Arabs should not accept this deplorable situation where thousands of refugees flee their homeland every day. In fact, they must play an active role. They must intervene to protect the civilians, find out the real reasons for their immigration and help them overcome this ordeal in order to return to their country of origin. The Arabs must provide the Syrian refugees with material and moral support. There are many motives to help the refugees. Chief among these is the fact that those refuges might feel so desperate and frustrated that they could resort to terrorist attacks in the host countries in order to get the support and the money by force. In fact, they could cause panic all over the Arab world. So, we have to help them by all means.