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Iraqi army destroys al-Qaeda training camp north of Fallujah



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The Iraqi army said Wednesday (September 12th) that it destroyed an al-Qaeda training camp in a palm grove north of Fallujah.

"The training camp is located some 50 kilometres north of Fallujah near the administrative border with Samarra, and its land area is 3,000 square metres," Lt. Col. Nejim al-Dulaimi, Iraqi army spokesperson in Anbar, told Al-Shorfa.

The camp contained "explosives, different weapons, shooting targets, sleeping quarters, pamphlets and booklets on al-Qaeda's ideology," he added.

"There were no fighters at the camp when the army attacked it," al-Dulaimi said.



    بديع راغب عباس


    The terrorist groups have a mentality different from other mentalities. The terrorist group mentality is absolutely different from other humans' mentalities because they kill the civilians all over the Arab countries. They justify killing the civilians in that they achieve their personal aims because they believe that they are taking revenge on the government or the State when they explode the bombed cars or when they plant bombs in the houses of some leaders or military men. They think that they are taking vengeance for what is happening to them which is wrong and a mistake because the innocent civilians are not guilty, even if they inform or report about the places where these terrorist groups hide. The methods of the terrorist mentality vary. At one point, they take various hostages, whether women or children, and at another point, they hijack planes while flying, threaten to let it crash on the ground, and assault the esteemed respectable Arab characters. This kind of thinking of the terrorists took time and led to international legislation and issuance of laws and global agreements to fight all kinds of terrorism. These same terrorist mentalities attack the open and unsecured communities. Therefore, the Arab Governments must cooperate in order to eliminate and end this crisis which they suffered from.

  • محمود ابو حماد


    Terrorism in Arab world has been able to engage in piracy over some countries that are weak in security, including Iraq, Somalia and many other Arab countries. This has led to bombings and acts of major vandalism all over the country. These terrorists want to control the country and commit acts of violence and extremism to intimidate the governments and the citizens, to be able to control them with their extreme ideas that do not please religion or the law. That led to sabotaging many, many facilities in the Arab world and killing human souls who are powerless and are not guilty of anything. Anyone who believes that this is a certain religious ideology is a liar; as well as anyone who would say that, create it or believe in it. God’s heavenly religions are innocent of the blood of Adam’s son, and all religions call for building the earth, not ruining it. What are these countries and those people guilty of, whose civilization and security is bleeding because of extreme demonic ideas? I wonder what their target is and what their purpose is. Except for destroying the country, not building it, the terrorists always claimed that these ideas and terrorist acts are reforming the country and are done in order to get rid of the heads of corruption that exists there. However, is it possible to eliminate these heads? They eliminate the people along with them, in addition to eliminating the form of the country and its various civilizations. We must stand like one man against terrorism, with the cooperation of all the Arab countries, to eliminate these terrorist movements and face them and the trials of the Arab countries, to determine its causes and eliminate it, and to suppress the causes of terrorism spreading in the Arab world from its roots. We pray to God to stand beside the Arab countries to eliminate the terrorism by all possible means.