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Iraqi special forces arrest 5 al-Qaeda leaders



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A special force from the counter-terrorism agency arrested five people described as prominent leaders of al-Qaeda, the Iraqi Interior Ministry announced Tuesday (September 11th).

"A special force arrested five al-Qaeda leaders in Baghdad and Diyala in a secret operation code-named 'Healing of Wounds' carried out in the last 48 hours in response to the recent al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq," Col. Sabah al-Naaman, spokesman for the counter-terrorism agency, told Al-Shorfa.

"The arrest was made based on accurate intelligence on the movements of al-Qaeda leaders in Baghdad and Diyala," he added.

"The arrested leaders are responsible for seven out of the 20 attacks that rocked the country last Sunday," he said.



    سميح سعيد الخالدي


    For many years, Iraq has been suffering from the repercussions of terrorism which included severe destruction and the split of the people into two main parties, the Shiites and the Sunnis. Indeed, the country has been suffering from the division of people. Everyone is aware of the identity of the invisible hands which seek to fuel disputes. Those parties are interested in undermining the force of Iraq. They want to weaken the most influential Arab country. In the past, Iraq was prestigious in the international arena. Should we accept that? Of course, not! In fact, we need to disseminate political awareness, renounce divergences, and disregard the sectarian disputes in order to protect Iraq and promote it once again. In this respect, we should turn the divergences into a source of power and richness. Every one of us should prioritize Iraq’s interest. The Iraqis should strive to strengthen their country. This country should become a strong part of the Arab world which features a huge wealth. It is true that some resources were stolen but the rest is more than enough. Indeed, the Iraqi resources are not well exploited because of neglect, preoccupation with disputes and the presence of terrorism and extremism. They media could play a decisive role in this respect. They are able to convert the bickering and hostility into patriotic zeal. The authorities, on the other hand, should introduce the principles of cooperation and patriotism in all educational curricula. In fact, we need to foster tolerance among the future generations. It is also important to track down those who sow sectarianism. However, we should not create another form of terrorism, violence and torture. Terrorism is above all an ideology. It could be addressed only through the dissemination of justice and safety. The violent individuals hate peace. We should be rigorous in the implementation of law against the terrorists.