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Civilian casualties soar as fighting continues in Syria



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Government forces shelled the southern outskirts of Syria's capital Friday (September 7th) as troops stormed nearby towns and clashed with Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, AFP reported.

Witnesses told AFP that the city's southern suburb of Tadamun and the neighbouring Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmuk came under heavy shellfire.

On the southeast outskirts of Damascus, hundreds of government troops backed by armour stormed the town of Babila, where FSA fighters were entrenched, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

A raid by security forces on al-Qazzaz district of southeast Damascus sparked clashes with opposition fighters, the Observatory added.

Meanwhile, a motorcycle bomb exploded as worshippers left a mosque after Friday prayers in northern Damascus, killing five members of the security forces and injuring several other people, Syrian state television said.

"A terrorist attack carried out with a motorcycle loaded with explosives struck the exit of Rukniyeh mosque as worshippers were making their way out," the broadcaster said.

Elsewhere, two children were killed when Albu Kamal on the Iraqi border was shelled, while in the northwest province of Idlib, scores of homes were destroyed by shelling.

In the central province of Homs, a child was killed in an air strike on rebel-held Rastan and three civilians were killed in the town of Talbisseh.

At least 23 people, most of them opposition fighters, were killed nationwide on Friday, according to an initial toll by the Observatory, which obtains its information from activists, doctors and other sources on the ground.

Residents of Zamalka and Qatana in the outskirts of Damascus reportedly recovered 45 bodies, including those of women and children, the monitoring group said.

Zamalka has been a hotbed of anti-government protests, sparking repeated raids and clashes.

Opposition activists blamed pro-government forces for the Zamalka killings, accusing the Assad regime of a "new massacre".

On Friday, the bodies of 16 men were found in Harasta, also in Damascus province, some bearing signs of torture, the Observatory said.

A total of at least 153 people were killed nationwide on Thursday -- 83 civilians, 24 rebels and 46 soldiers, according to the monitoring group.

The conflict has claimed more than 26,000 lives since it erupted in mid-March 2011, according to Observatory estimates.



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    We Arabs should all unite together to get rid of all that and to get rid of Bashar. We should unite in order to do what we should do and to get Syria out of this danger that has spread all over Syria. We should also work on giving the children their rights in all things and their simplest right is to enjoy their lives. This is one of the most important rights. Moreover, the Arabs will feel honored that they saved the lives of the innocent children who have no sin and that they made them live like the other children. This is not an infringement upon other's human rights but the Arabs are all together. If they are not together, why are they called Arabs regardless of the name of each country? If the Arabs do not help each other, then who will help him? Are they the strangers who do not know them or will they help those who are of the same blood, honor, and dignity? The Arabs should recognize that what happened in Syria may happen to any country and if they support Syria as well as help it and liberate it from the danger of Bashar, Syria will be the first country that will seek to liberate any Arab country and get rid of any danger because Syria feels their sufferings that it has lived in before. This is the Arab unity and they deserve to be called Arabs. Also, they will have the dignity to be Arabs together.

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    The government must work to provide the Syrian people with all that they need even if they asked them to leave; they should leave without any resistance or sticking to the throne against the will of the people. It is a horrible and tragic matter and it shows that there is no democracy and freedom of expression in this country. Therefore, I hope that this situation will change for the better and this chaos will end as soon as possible, so as not to result in more victims, because the Syrian people are very simple and poor people who are in a bad need for help from everybody. All the Arab countries should work in order to provide adequate support for the simple and poor people of Syria who are exposed to the bombing operations by the Syrian government, and we wish that the situation would end peacefully, God willing, as it impossible to keep silent and tolerate what is happening. I am the most hateful person for Bashar who does not want goodness for Syria. The situation in Syria is very difficult; there is no water, electricity or services, and the fighting going on in Syria is so painful. What is the guilt of the people who die every day and what is the reason? God is great. All the Arab countries should express their anger about what is happening in Syria and there must be assistance and supplies to help our poor Syrian brothers whose homes are falling down over their heads. What is happening in Syria must stop as soon as possible as the situation is difficult and cannot be tolerated, and we must think about the children, women and elderly. I want to say to Bashar al-Assad that our God is a supporter and He is the best guardian against you, the oppressor al-Assad. May God avenge him soon.