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Senior Iraqi army officer killed in Salaheddine



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Four soldiers, including the commander of the Iraqi army's fourth regiment in Salaheddine province, were killed Wednesday (August 29th) in an armed clash with suspected al-Qaeda members, Iraqi police in Salaheddine said.

Four soldiers were also wounded in the clash.

"Ten gunmen attacked a military barracks using hand grenades and medium weapons while the commander of the regiment, a colonel, was inspecting the soldiers," Hasan al-Majmaie, the Salaheddine police spokesperson, told Al-Shorfa.

The clashes lasted one hour, he said.

"Two gunmen were killed while the rest fled to an unknown location," al-Majmaie said. "The security forces are searching for them to either kill or arrest them."





    I would like to tell the Iraqi prime minister – Nouri al-Maliki – if there is a shortcoming on the part of one of your ministers, then you should dismiss him. If you want your country to be superior in order to tackle the evil of terrorism, then you must purchase whatever armament you want and you must task major-generals who serve in the ministry of interior with tackling major security problems. Otherwise, hire a major security firm to protect the nation. You should do something and act since the police and the people will all be killed if things stay this way. We are all in pain as we say this since we love Iraq and care it and its people.

  • محمد ماهر


    May this Iraqi sergeant's soul rest in peace since he left his home to carry out his duties that his job imposes on him but all that has happened was unexpected by wicked hands that do not wish Iraq any good but instead wish to provoke anarchy and destruction in every region in Iraq. Therefore, one should take necessary cautions against any other probable bombing that may result in a new phase in the political life in Iraq. Bombings in Iraq need to be faced fiercely for all what is taking place in Iraq now is abnormal. Iraq has transformed from a country of civilization to a country of killing and bombing. All I want is taking revenge on all those who killed this sergeant and all those who were killed with him in that painful incident. Woe betides all those who participated in this crime. What is the fault of the Iraqi citizens to hear about these bombings every day and they need live a stable and secure life. May God be by their side and rid them of sorrow. There should be efforts towards eliminating all those suspects, be interrogated and be punished.