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Death toll in Daraya reaches 120



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Syrian troops carried out raids Saturday (August 24th) in Daraya, south-west of Damascus, where more than 120 people have been killed in an army operation this week, AFP reported.

According to figures from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 15 of these people -- all civilians -- were killed either by gunfire or were summarily executed on Saturday.

Between 40 and 50 bodies were also discovered near a mosque, the Observatory said.

On Saturday, a child was killed by random fire in Daraya and a man was shot dead by a sniper, according to the Observatory, adding that clashes broke out as troops carried out security sweeps, leaving one opposition fighter dead.

"Security forces have launched a campaign of arrests and residents are anxious and afraid that there will be another civilian massacre" in Daraya, according the Local Co-ordination Committees.

The army claimed to have retaken most of Damascus in late July, after some two weeks of intense fighting across the capital's southern belt.

August is the deadliest single month of the Syria conflict with over 4,000 people killed, the Observatory said Friday.

It said some 24,500 had been killed since the uprising erupted in March last year. The United Nations puts the death toll at more than 17,000.





    The gross and systematic human rights violations by the Syrian regime led by the President Bashar Al-Assad against the innocent and defenseless civilians since last year were faced by the disapproval of the owners of the human conscience throughout the world, not only to the nature of these violations, their types, their victims, and scope throughout the Syrian territory, but also from another side because of the reluctance of the international community to assume its legal international responsibilities in the protection of the innocent and defenseless civilians in Syria. Many international bodies, whether governmental or non-governmental, have documented many war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in Syria since its free and proud revolution waiting for the day in which the incident will take place. Also, the President Bashar Al-Assad and his collaborators would be prosecuted for committing these crimes not only against the Syrian people, but also the whole mankind. Bashar al Assad seeks to escape from the international prosecution by saying that Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded armed groups in Syria. There is a great fear of the Arabs and the world from the possibility of using the chemical weapons against the Syrian people, which increases the fears. The international community must quickly take actions to assist the refugees especially since the Syrian army of the Syrian regime works on stifling the Syrian refugees and that is what happened when the refugees were crossing the land. There was a firing by the regular Syrian Army against them. We must act to impose a no-fly zone so that the Syrian refugees can cross to safe areas in Turkey and Jordan.

  • باسل علي


    What has Bashar reached with his crimes in his country with his compatriots? They are the people who chose him for progress and moving forward. This does not mean that the imposition of trusteeship on them, since the Syrian demanded the end of the reign of Bashar Al-Assad, he should have understood that and relinquished the power to another. However, why did he not believe that the people already decided and the Syrian people came out with many demonstrations scouring all the parts of the country and the provinces to demand an end to the rule of Bashar? He never listened to them but met with force and violence, and this caused many victims including many lives and martyrs of children, women, elders, and defenseless civilians. He did not even have mercy on the sick people and every day, we see and witness what happens in Syria to the Syrians and the indignation from all the countries of the world to hand over the power in a security situation in the country. But what Bashar is doing in his country made the Syrians, themselves, demand all the countries of the world to help them and so the Syrians have been asking for help. Indeed, many of them had fled to the neighboring countries like Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, and even Iraq despite what happens in them regarding terrorism and extremism as they have found that extremism and terrorism, and what these people are doing are much easier than what Bashar Al-Assad does to his country and his citizens, and many of them went to Saudi Arabia as well. Also, it is no secret what the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques did for them.

  • ابراهيم


    What the Syrian people are experiencing due to terrorism and what we see every day through the television screens from demolishing their homes to displacing their families and the numerous deaths before their families without any attempt to rescue them from death. However, there are many casualties with serious injuries that are difficult to treat due to the lack of the essential medical supplies and, thus, they would wish for death rather than the rape of many girls in front of their families, which increases their pain. For this reason, I call and appeal to the Arabic States regarding the need to assist the refugees in Syria in any form, either they try to provide any help through cash assistance or other kinds for the Syrian people. After seeing the extent of the suffering of the Syrian people every day, I demand everyone, who has something as well as everyone who is able, to have mercy on the Syrian people. He has to do it no matter how small the size of this work is after the torture of the Syrian people by Assad. I emphasize the Arabic States and the international ones need to cooperate among themselves in order to save the Syrian people from the perdition either by providing them the necessary food that help them live or try to provide some medical supplies to evacuate them immediately after the injury so that those wounds would not aggravate. They can also host them in their States and provide them with what they need everyday in order to alleviate their suffering with which they are living in every day over the course of the years.

  • سفاح الشرق


    The bloody massacres are criminal and grotesque acts that are committed against defenceless people who want to obtain their rights and that their hopes and dreams would be achieved in the new Syria. What happens in Syria now from massacres at the hands of Bashar the criminal are some things that make the heart cry. Bashar has changed Syria from a beautiful brilliant tourist country, the beautiful country of the Levant, the country of art and civilization and the brilliant drama and transformed it into destruction and killing of children and innocents by the offender. The Syrian people are great people who are suffering from the ravages of the civil war and destruction. What happens in Syria is catastrophic for all the free peoples of the world that respect the rights of the peoples of a free and dignified life. The peoples of the world suffer from the pain and frustration because of the injustice of their rulers who are taking negative attitudes of the murderers and the killers in the Western world. They did not intervene because of the blatant actions of Russia that supports the falsehood and stands next to the killer who murdered the innocent people unjustly. However, the Syrian people demanded the right for progress and renaissance to their country and that Syria would become a developed and modern Syria that is an advanced and civilized State like the civilized States. Al Assad and his son have oppressed Syria and they did not help it to make progress and Bashar decided to use the army against his people to do killings, devastation and destruction to the scum the history, O Bashar, you are a thug and assassin.

  • مهند نوري


    Syria the sister Arab State, the dear to the hearts of all our hearts must be assisted by the Arabs who should help the Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan by giving them the quick assistance that includes food and medicine. The Arab League must work on sending quick assistance from all the Arab countries to help the Syrians refugees. The Syrian people must be supported everywhere. We must send economic and humanitarian assistance for the refugees on the borders in Turkey and Jordan. The Arab assistance of the Syrian people who still need treatment, care, food, and all relief requirements should be increased. All of the Arab countries have to move in order to support all the Syrian people and help the free Syrian people who are struggling for freedom and dignity.

  • خالد


    Syria, the Islamic Arab state which is suffering from a tyrant ruler who kills his people, should have the international community and the Arab countries interfere in order to protect the Syrian people from killing and also from the horrors of the civil war as well as the intervention of the Security Council to stop the violence in Syria.

  • طارق سلمن


    I could not find any words to express my anger and my regret towards the crimes and terrorism, which we are witnessing daily on the television and that we follow in the news that Bashar is committing against his Syrian people without any mercy or compassion. Also, this rage that is spinning inside me is the feeling of anger and regret. All the peoples of the Arab world are condemning everything that Bashar is doing regarding hurting his people. Even in the ceremonial days in which Allah has called for the spread of love and peace in them, this person is committing numerous massacres daily and in every hour which led to the demolition of several houses and then to numerous deaths and injuries without any attempt to treat or rescue them from death. Also, there are the incidents of rape of the girls in front of their parents and the violation of the sanctities of the whole Arab world. Unfortunately, what increases my anger is their President when he has reigned the rule it was in order to maintain the stability of his country and the security of the Syrian people instead of the widespread fear and panic among the Syrian people as we see it now via the television. In the end, I only have to pray to God for Him to rescue the Syrian people and let the security and the safety prevail for the Syrian people, and the stability to the country. Also, I pray to Allah to punish Bashar in the harshest way for what he has done to his people.

  • mimo



  • ابو قيس


    Every day passes and it means more barbarianism of the regular army in dealing with the citizens. What is happening in Syria is a crime in the true sense of the word and the States should start working on taking quick steps in order to protect the Syrians from the violations and atrocities of Al-Assad, who used all types of arms that cannot be used against the innocents. Al-Assad exceeded all the proper limits because many families were displaced at the hands of the forces of the regime, many houses were demolished and many girls were raped. Many children were also killed and many famous personalities were assassinated. Many mosques were demolished over the heads of the people while praying. Al-Assad deals with his people as if they are invaders and I do not understand the cause of using all these arms against the Syrians. These attacks must stop. The Syrian regime must stop its horrible attacks against his people so that the security and stability will return to Syria. We are waiting for quick and decisive steps on the part of the officials to make security and peace prevail in Syria. I wish that the Syrians would get their freedom again.

  • قصي


    The Syrian case is not a recent matter and it does not need eyewitnesses or otherwise. All people realize the suppression against the brave Syrian people through the poverty and the humiliation that Syria’s corrupt, political and religious regime directs against the people with the help of the minority that have been ruling the country for more than 40 years. Allah the Exalted Says (what means): “Deem not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but giveth them a respite till a day when eyes will stare (in terror).” Many of the Syrians suffered from terrorism of the suppressive regime. They were arrested, tortured, their nails were plucked, and their bodies were burnt, and they were even buried alive as we saw in the satellite TV channels. The regime released thousands of the criminals of the prisons under the pretext of the general pardon and they merged them with the security forces to suppress the peaceful demonstrations, and they are known as the Thugs. They created havoc on earth and killed the civilians mercilessly. Their crimes were seen by the whole world and this is the biggest evidence of their criminality. They also adopted the policy of siege and boycott to make the people strive to death in their cities and districts. They also prevented the foods and medicines from entering the cities in addition to cutting off the drinking water, poisoning it, even ruing in the water reservoirs, and cutting off the land and mobile communications to isolate the people from the outside world.

  • صلاح موفق


    The world can never accept what is going on in Syria. The situation is greater than any justifications. The Syrian leadership can activate comprehensive reforms because the future of Syria has only one of two options, either to allow the people to choose freely or lead the country into the hell of chaos and loss.

  • صالح احمد


    The developments in Syria and the fall of a large number of martyrs who lost their souls in addition to other numbers of the wounded, all the reasonable people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, realized that what is going on there has no relationship with the morals or manners. Killing the innocents for any reason or justification will never be acceptable and this would leave no glimpse of hope to the Arabs or the Muslims. The only solution is to give precedence to the voice of wisdom among the Syrian leadership and its readiness to shoulder its responsibility in this turning point that no one knows to where it would lead us. The stances of the Arab States and the Arab League are not honorable because they suffice with watching the events as the case with all the world States and the international organizations, which stood in their place without making a single move.

  • صدقي عامر


    The Syrian people have no real support but from the peoples of the Arab nation because the Arabian identity is the central identity of the Syrians. The Arabs know the suffering of the Syrians more than any other nation in the world. Today, the Syrians look forward to the Arabs to put an end to the suppressive campaign and the state of the political and media siege that is imposed by the authority of the suppression against the Syrian democratic revolution, which would be the key to any coming democratic transformation in the Arab or Asian region.