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Mixed reports on attempted defection of Syrian vice president



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Syria on Saturday (August 18th) denied reports that Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa has attempted to defect, AFP reported.

State television issued a statement from al-Sharaa's office following opposition and media reports that he had fled, saying, "Mr. Sharaa has never thought about leaving the country or going anywhere."

Meanwhile, the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) said in a statement referring to al-Sharaa that "Initial reports show that there was an attempted defection, but that it failed."

Abdo Hussameddin, formerly Syria's deputy minister of petroleum and mineral resources, said that al-Sharaa has been seeking to defect.

"Sharaa's position is well-known. He has been trying to leave Syria," Hussameddin, who defected from the regime in March, told Al-Arabiya.

"But there are a series of circumstances that prevent him from leaving, especially the fact he has been under house arrest for some time," he said, adding that senior regime officials are being kept under surveillance.



    علي سلمان


    When the people have announced that they had enough with corruption and injustice, and when they requested the ousting of the regime, the later has responded by launching a savage war against them causing a bloodshed and showing no mercy or compassion. Therefore, the International Community must stand united and take an unanimous decision to quickly stop this war and punish anyone who exterminated the Syrian people, on top of them, Bashar Al-Assad and all his associates, the Army leaders, and even the soldiers. This war is not only against the Syrian people, but against the entire humanity. We should not ignore what is happening or we will be accountable for whatever might happen to them,for keeping silence massacres taking place everywhere in Syria.