Judicial investigator killed, escorts wounded in northern Iraq



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Gunmen killed a judicial investigator and wounded two of his escorts east of Mosul in Ninawa province on Wednesday (August 15th), Iraqi police in Ninawa said.

"Unknown gunmen on a four-wheel drive vehicle attacked the car of Iyad Hussein Ahmed, the lead judicial investigator in Mosul, killing him and wounding two of his escorts," Ninawa police spokesperson Col. Khalid al-Hamdani told Al-Shorfa.

"The gunmen fled following the attack, and the police are looking for their car after some citizens provided a description and reported its license plate number," he said.



    علي عبد الحافظ


    The competent authorities are supposed to undertake many measures in order to put an end to the terrorist attacks suffered by the Iraqis. In fact, the Iraqi Government is actually trying to stop the crimes carried out by terrorist movements, but to no avail. This task requires a lot of work and effort. The Government of Iraq is seeking to rid Iraq of all the terrorist movements which seek the demolition of our homeland. The Iraqis are hoping to live long enough to witness the end of the terrorist threat which targets the innocent people. The latter have suffered from terrorism for quite a long time. It is time to put an end to the terrorists.

  • سعيد مالك


    The brotherly Iraqis are regularly subjected to many terrorist crimes. This situation aggravates their suffering which is increasing every day. Indeed, the life of the Iraqis is marred by the repeated abuses carried out by some movements which are devoid of conscience. The recent events in Iraq proved that terrorism is not fading there. How could we explain that terrorist attacks still occur from time to time? The Iraqi people are shockingly suppressed. However, these brave people are resisting the risks of the repeated terrorist acts. In this respect, the security authorities are falling short. Why don’t they contain the evolution of terrorism in Iraq where the martyrs are still losing their lives because of the bombings carried out by al-Qaeda linked movements? The latter has caused a lot of human and material losses. Indeed, the Iraqi citizens are really frustrated, which increases their anxiety and fear about what is happening in their dear homeland. The Iraqis have never expected the violations of these few intruders.