Iraqi army arrests 23 militants south of Baghdad



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The Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Monday (August 13th) that 23 suspected al-Qaeda members were arrested in a military operation south of Baghdad.

"An Iraqi army arrested 23 al-Qaeda members during an operation in the Fahayl and Umm al-Jeer areas south of Baghdad." Maj. Gen. Nasser al-Ghannam, commander of the Iraqi army's 17th Division, told Al-Shorfa.

"During the operation, the army found two missile caches containing 116 Russian-made 82 mm calibre mortars," he said.





    Terrorism targets civilians because they are weak. They do not violate the law and do not do things against them. Terrorism emanates from terror and fear. It contradicts with morals and is against any good. Terrorism not only targets civilians, but it targets whoever faces it. They lack any human feeling and are without scruples. In this respect, terrorism targets whoever opposes its ideas or says the truth. They only want to dominate the country and its people. However, with determination and perseverance, people can face terrorism and terrorists. They can either guide them to the right path or eradicate all the terrorists throughout the whole world.

  • غانم عبد فتحي


    Iraq must increase its meetings with neighboring countries and with the countries affected by terrorism in order to reach solutions to eradicate terrorism. Iraq must also sign agreements with the Arab countries to fight and eradicate terrorism. The Iraqi Government must double its work and intensify its efforts to discuss this issue. It must found an international center including a group of countries to eradicate terrorism and al Qaeda. The latter kills the innocent people who do nothing and just keep silence. The Iraqi Government must have sufficient information about al Qaeda and must be aware of its movements to thwart any operation before its implementation. The Iraqi Government must exchange experts with other countries to learn how to deal with terrorism. We must educate people, especially ordinary ones, that these groups which hide behind the mask of religion carry out terrorist operations to kill innocent people. The Iraqi Government must increase awareness among the citizens through the media. It must also increase security reserves and appoint leaders who are able to fight terrorism. Moreover, it must arrest any person belonging to this terrorist group. Demonstrators asked the Iraqi Government to take a firmer stance towards terrorism and extremist groups. The Iraqi Government must impose severe penalties against extremists and terrorist organizations.