Syrian opposition reports downing a military jet



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Syrian opposition fighters on Monday (August 13th) claimed they shot down a military jet in the east as the government continued its assault on Aleppo and launched new raids in Damascus, AFP reported.

State media said a military plane crashed during a training mission in Deir Ezzor province after experiencing a technical malfunction.

The Free Syrian Army claimed it shot down the plane in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor. The group's spokesperson, Kassem Saadeddine, said the opposition fighters hit a MiG-21 jet with anti-aircraft weapons.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that the jet crashed.

"Eyewitnesses in Muhasen confirmed that a MiG was downed today, after it was hit and went up in flames," the Observatory stated.

If confirmed, the attack would be the first such strike against a Syrian plane since the crackdown began in March 2011.

The Syrian military advanced farther into opposition-held districts in Aleppo, as the Observatory reported tanks moving into Saif al-Dawla and continued shelling in Salaheddine.

In Damascus, security forces arrested 22 residents in a major operation in the capital's Old City, the Observatory said, adding that at least 50 people were killed in violence nationwide.



    عبد القادر احمد جاسم


    After the overthrow of Bashar’s regime by the Syrian people, it is important to create a portfolio for reconstruction, which includes the reform of education and health and the treatment of the psychological effects of conflict on soldiers. The Syrians should also accelerate the development of a new Constitution for the people in order to live in safety and security and happiness. Indeed, the brotherly Syrian people should forget the terrible past.

  • وفاء حسين


    We witness the suffering of weak people in different places, and what is currently taking place in Syria will not be the last. In fact, we should wonder how people dare and are able to harm human beings by slaughtering them like sheep, burning, smashing their heads, murdering a child or a woman or distorting and violating their bodies. I wonder what heart and brain has endured carrying out such crimes. He has ruled and issued dissolute judgments. I wonder whether all these acts are for the sake of kingship, greatness, honor and leadership. However, they neither learn the lesson nor are afraid, not because the rulers of Syria are Alawite Shiites who are not considered as Muslims, but the murder acts and legitimizing the bloodshed of the nation for the sake of the King are the tradition of whoever goes out to ask for kingship and supremacy on earth. Whether he was a Muslim or an infidel, a Sunni or a Shiite, this is a satanic tendency that takes over whoever seeks supremacy on earth, even those who do not ask for kingship and leadership.

  • خضر باشا


    The Syrian regime has gone mad. It is unable to control its actions. It speaks about what is happening in Syria as a media fabrication. That is to say, things happening in Syria are not true but it is the mass media which falsify the truth. This is in addition to the false campaigns and rumors circulated about the Syrian president's wife who is helping the revolution's victims and the assistance she gives to the families of the martyrs. The Syrian media work in order to falsify the truth about what is taking place there. However, as Arab citizens, we know the fabrication of the mass media and the State channels. It is thus natural to see these fabrications as they work for the Syrian regime. It is not strange that these channels broadcast what they want to show to the world. There are many massacres which targeted the Syrians. However, the mass media cannot show everything to the viewers throughout the world. What is broadcast is nothing compared to what is really happening in Syria. What is happening in Syria is a real catastrophe that we must speak about so that the rest of Syrians will not be subjected to total genocide. The regime has worked on ravaging all the aspects of progress in Syria. Therefore, Syria will need a lot of reforms. However, we do not know if sufficient resources will be available to repair the destruction left behind by the Syrian regime.

  • هاشم


    There are some views which expect the complete collapse and the subdivision of Syria into meaningless parts. Indeed, Syria has always been a great nation. Syria could be destroyed by Bashar and his army who might kill everyone and keep his supporters only. This country could also be destroyed by the terrorist organizations which seek to impose their rule there. Indeed, the terrorists want to extend their influence to all corners of this glorious nation. Anyway, we all hope that the expectation will come true. We want to see Syria triumph over the foreign and Syrian enemies, including those who were born and bred in Syria.