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Iraqi security personnel, gunmen killed in Diyala clashes



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Four Iraqi police and army personnel were killed and 12 were wounded in overnight clashes with al-Qaeda in north-western Baqubah on Wednesday (July 25th), the Iraqi Defence Ministry said Friday.

Seven suspected al-Qaeda gunmen, including four prominent leaders, also died in the clashes. Two al-Qaeda hideouts were destroyed by an army helicopter, according to the army's fourth combat brigade commander in Diyala province, Col. Hussein Ali Abd.

"Clashes broke out when an army and police force entered the Hudayda area to execute arrest warrants against al-Qaeda suspects," the commander told Al-Shorfa.

The clashes continued for about nine hours, he said.

"Iraqi forces resolved the battle in their favour and arrested 38 gunmen and seized weapons and explosives," Abd said. "A search began for other gunmen who fled the area."



    ابتسام جعفر


    Al-Qaeda in Iraq tries hard to achieve its objectives through killing the innocents and blowing the markets and elimination of the humanity. They claim that they do this to serve the religion, while they actually practice takfir against the Muslims, accuse whoever disagrees with their demands of disbelief, and grant themselves the right to kill him. Is there any religion that can accept such horrible crimes? The terrorist movements attract the youth and brainwash them to implant their own thoughts in their minds easily, including the ideology of takfir in general and those who disagree with them in particular. Whoever refused to adopt their opinion would be punished and killed in any way and at any place, and this may be in front of their families. First, al-Qaeda claimed that it wages a war on the US occupation forces in Iraq, and that this is its main purpose in Iraq. However, they never entered in war against the occupation forces. When the war with the invasion forces ended, they invented a new objective, which was fighting the Iranian invasion, which also did not happen, and all they did is that they displaced the weak families after killing the children and women as well as blowing up the markets, mosques and the religious processions. These acts are serious and deviant crimes in the first place, because they exploited the situation in Iraq for their benefit and worked hard until they managed to carry out their deviant acts. The terrorist organizations also demolished the governmental institutions and security facilities and they also killed senior civilian and military leaderships to facilitate their mission. The Iraqi government is required to impose stricter measures on the terrorist organizations to thwart their plans before they occur in order to protect the Iraqi people from their deviant acts to make the Iraqi people feel assured and stability.

  • تيسير


    We'll crush al Qaeda and its tails.

  • سليم نجم


    They dance over the dead bodies of Iraq women, children and old people, these traitorous and murderous immoral individuals. This is the best way to describe those that support and carry out these terrorist and extremist operations against the innocent and oppressed people of Iraq. Have these people become so senseless and they call themselves jihadis? Have they lost their ways or have their hands been paralyzed and their eyes blinded from the military bases of the occupation so that they would leave these and go and terrify the innocent Iraqi civilians and kill them and hurt them, and then they say with absolute insolence that they want to liberate Iraq? What country do you want to liberate? Will it be liberated by attacking innocent civilians? These murderous traitors have tainted the notion of sacred resistance with their filthy activities that target innocent Iraqis. But it is quite controversial and interesting that these despicable activities have coincided with the arrival of UN delegations for the eradication of terrorism and terrorists, and is this the reason why the Iraqi people are demanding the international community to eradicate terrorism and terrorists, after these innocent people were helpless for quite a while? Without peace and security, a person loses their peace of mind, and they live in anxiety and fear of all the many dangers surrounding them and the problems. And people always search for ways to achieve peace and security for themselves and their society and the country that they, the Iraqis, live in, where there are terrorist activities being carried out and where violence is carried out openly without any resistance, and the horrible extremism is one of the dangerous ways that threaten the lives of the innocent Iraqis and all people and all of humanity.

  • حمزة علوان


    Terrorism is not just a danger that can be felt and witnessed as it inflicts tremendous harm to innocent people, but terrorism is like a very hot and strong sword that could fell the glory of every nation and destroy it. In any country that terrorism casts its shadows, it wipes out of the lands of that country all that is beautiful and enlightening and brilliant and advanced, and it transforms all the lush and radiant greenery to morbid red, which is the blood of the victims and all the victims of sterile forms of extremism. The letters of this word could explain its meanings in terms of terrorism, as it the imposition and forcefully convincing people to embrace an idea or principle or tendency by the force of arms, and those that reject or oppose in any way or means, they are punished with immediate death, and they claim that by doing so they are fighting in the way of Allah, when in fact Allah, the Exalted and the Most High, and his religion have nothing to do with what these terrorists are perpetrating, and the Iraqi forces have executed numerous heroic feats in confronting terrorism and the brutal terrorists, and as such, I extend to them my congratulations, and I feel overwhelmed with joy for what they have done in confronting terrorism and the terrorists. So, woe unto you, terrorists!

  • مجيد كاظم


    I ask the Iraqi government to get rid of terrorism completely by exerting more efforts and using all honorable people, by good planning to stop this fear, spread security, reach the source of terrorism and control those who terrify individuals and get rid of them all.

  • عبد الرحيم


    The security forces worked hard to eliminate the terrorist movements during all the past years, but they did not do what was expected from them completely. The security forces must work harder in order to eliminate terrorism quickly. Until now, the government cannot instruct the security forces well to confront terrorism forcefully. The terrorist organizations belittled the abilities of security forces significantly and the security forces did not work as required to deter them and this led to deterioration and allowed the security terrorist organizations to exploit the desperation of the conditions of security forces and carried out many coordinated attacks that have negative affected the public interests of the people.