Al-Qaeda threatens Iraqi judges



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The Iraqi Interior Ministry said Thursday (July 26th) it found messages that al-Qaeda leaders sent to its members ordering them to kill Iraqi judges and target courthouses.

"Police arrested three al-Qaeda members at a residential building with audio messages and written statements in their possession ordering them to launch armed attacks and car bomb attacks on Iraqi judges and the staff of anti-terrorism courts," Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications at the ministry, told Al-Shorfa.

"The police are dealing with the new information seriously, and are drawing up a security plan to thwart al-Qaeda's new plot," he said.



    عبد الجبار أحمد


    The Iraqi Government should intensify its efforts to confront by all the ways to those who are committing the acts of terrorism and murder in Iraq until the Iraqis can feel the safety and the tranquility in their country. What the terrorists and the extremists are committing from the numerous and continuous crimes in Iraq without any right against their Iraqis fellows which raise the wrath of the entire Arab world but rather all the world’s wrath. There is no one who accept the continuous killings against the innocent without reason or right. Thus the Government is abided to protect its people from what these terrorists are committing against them from the continuous and lasting. Also it has to us all possible methods to chase these criminals and prevent them from attacking the innocent lives, and punished them with the horrible types of punishment to be an example to other extremists and terrorists. Like so we can control this phenomenon that have broken throw our Arab societies largely in this period and has significantly dominated the public opinion.

  • لميس باسم


    I make an appeal to the Iraqi government to prevent terrorist activities from occurring, and to protect the Iraqis, because this is the duty of the Iraqi government, and indeed it is more than its duty, as it is the primary role of the government itself and its various institutions, such as the Interior Ministry and other institutions that the Iraqi government run in order to protect the innocent Iraqi civilians against terrorist attacks.

  • ماهر صبري


    The Iraqi people are suffering real suffering because of these terrorist movements and extremist organizations that were present in State of Iraq and because of them recently died many of the Iraqi people and killed many of them resulting in the suffering of the Iraqi society. Of operations carried out by these despicable extremist movements are terrorist bombings which the Iraqi people suffered a lot and even shed tears because of these bombings. Where these operations take several forms and different images, including car bombings, which are often next to very important government buildings in the Iraqi state or buildings belongs to other countries such as embassies and consulates, in the first the Iraqi people suffer, where most certainly thousands of citizens Iraqis exist every day in such buildings, so the bombings are killing lots and lots of the Iraqi people and how many mothers may have suffered the death of their son or their husband in such bombings and how many hearts had burned to farewell loved ones who were killed in such bombings. The bombings that drain the Iraqi state economy, which suffered millions until they restore these buildings to their natural state and even to compensate the families of the dead and treat the wounded who were injured in such a heinous extremist terrorist bombings, which the Iraqi people suffered by so much.

  • مهند


    The Iraqi government must take many producers to confront all forms of terrorism and it should also form checkpoints to search the cars with the advanced devices for detecting explosives inside the cars. The government also should organize moving patrols to monitor the highways and prevent any terrorist operation that aims at killing people with the car bombs. They also search for any suspicious cars equipped with all the powers that help them do their job with some reservations not to be exploited for personal interests. There also must be control over the performance of the policemen because they can take bribes to facilitate the terrorist operations. I also demand the government to deploy more security forces and use all the advanced detectors when searching people or suspects. They also should publish the instructions that the Iraqis should follow to help the Iraqis to get rid of the terrorists. We also need a law prohibiting covering up any terrorist form the authorities or even helped him to escape and punishes the violators with the same penalties of the original terrorists. The Iraqi government also must enter intro talks regarding the anti-terrorism international efforts and it should sign the agreements to eliminate terrorism. I also demand the government to get rid of all the corrupt elements in all institutions in collaboration with the Iraqi intelligence and intentional Interpol, which handles many terrorism cases that can help the Iraqi government.