Iraqi Defence Ministry reinforces Syrian border



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The Iraqi Defence Ministry said Friday (July 20th) it dispatched three army combat units to the Syrian border to fill the gap on the Syrian side after Free Syrian Army elements took over border crossings and several border outposts.

"The Iraqi forces arrived Thursday evening and managed to control the troubled areas between the two countries," Lt. Col. Nejim al-Dulaimi, the Iraqi army spokesperson in Anbar, told Al-Shorfa. "The goal of these reinforcements is to prevent al-Qaeda militants from crossing into Iraq and the escape of individuals wanted by Iraqi judiciary to Syria."

A state of maximum alert was declared on the border in anticipation of any emergency.

In Qaim, 340 kilometres west of Baghdad, the Iraqi police and army bolstered their fixed and mobile checkpoints and enforced strict security measures on journalists seeking to reach the Qaim border crossing.

Iraq shares a 600-kilometre border with Syria, and around half of it is located in Anbar province.



    ابراهيم خليل


    Setting up an ambush requires planning and preparation; it also requires intelligence regarding the approximate time at which the target needs to pass. So who leaked the information and timing of the soldiers’ movements to the terrorists?! Also, morally, these soldiers left their locations on the border points, unwilling to fight, and asked for shelter in Iraq; but the Iraqi government refused and sent them back, so they were killed, whereas they threw down their guns. Two Syrian government employees and civilians, why?!!!!! God damn those who incited strife.

  • حميد


    All the citizens should forget their internal conflicts and concentrate on developing Iraq and getting it out from the dark tunnel that it lives in. The citizens should cooperate together to improve the sectors found in their country. Cooperation leads to getting rid of all that causes the spread of destruction in the country. There is power in cooperation and all movements fear cooperation. They are happy with the conflicts because it is the way to go through the communities. If the Iraqis cooperate together, the terrorist organizations will be unable to recruit people because they will not be able to deal with them. The Iraqis should be keen on spreading love among them in order to develop their country. We have to think positively about what we will get from cooperation. There is a saying that one hand cannot clap; we have to put our hands together in order to purify our country from the crimes and to work rapidly on constructing our country, as the Muslim and his brother are like a wall that strengthens each other. This was the call of the Prophet, peace be upon him, for us. So how can we work on the contrary? We are all humans and citizens, and we all need stability for our country and to raise her for the sake of a better future.

  • هيثم صالح


    The Iraqi security leaders announced the success of the security plan made for securing Iraq after the support of intelligence effort in chasing the al-Qaeda cells in Iraq and dismantling them and training the Iraqi security forces in the latest methods to combat terrorism and to use a new mechanism through which it is possible to encourage people to report about the crimes of terrorism and to provide information about the terrorists by giving them immediate financial rewards. Iraq declared the launching of a large-scale campaign to urge the Iraqis to unify against terrorism and to make the religious scholars and preachers to be aware of the dangers of terrorism. It deployed almost 100 thousand security members. It closed many areas and disabled cell phone networks sometimes in an effort to undermine any terrorist attacks, which led to the suffering of the inhabitants of the capital from the difficulties in moving between its regions as a result of the security measures which, when controlled, create traffic. The security forces in the capital revealed that they were able to adopt security information and some control they put on some important joints. They will be equipped with police dogs and in case of suspicion a car could be inspected without inspecting all the other cars to prevent this traffic congestion. The operations in Baghdad say that the al-Qaeda cells are frustrated and have no ability to commit any acts that would destabilize the security situation. In the opinion of the Parliamentary Commission of Security and Defense about the reduction in the number of the control and movement to a new plan to adjust the security is the key to end the violence in the country. They met the Iraqi Government’s directions to decrease severe control and lift some barriers and open some of the closed streets to satisfy the civilians.

  • مناف


    The increase in the number of checkpoints and inspections would not work and would not end violence from my point of view. There must be a developmental view by the Iraqi Government to establish security. Security situation leads to stability where the rebellious groups that the al-Qaeda directs are able to launch attacks of quality. Iraq remains a haven for the armed terrorist groups. Thus, we call on the Iraqi Government for stricter measures in order to cope with the terrorist attacks.