Army arrests four suspected al-Qaeda members near Fallujah



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The Iraqi army on Tuesday (June 26th) arrested four suspected al-Qaeda members south of Fallujah, Anbar province, officials said.

Lt. Col. Nejim al-Dulaimi, the army's spokesperson in Anbar, told Al-Shorfa that intelligence prompted the army forces to attack the village of Fuhayhat, where they found a 100-square metre bomb-making facility behind a barber shop.

The detainees "were found at the workshop making sticky bombs detonated by remote control devices, and they were caught red-handed," al-Dulaimi said.

During the operation, security forces seized large quantities of TNT and C-4, 17 improvised explosive devices, 20 sticky bombs, wires, mortars, and gunpowder, as well as different machines and equipment, he said.



    مهدي عباس


    This news is a real surprise which was not expected at all! As soon as I read it on this site, I read it many times for fear I was mistaken in understanding its meaning or reading, or for fear that maybe I was dreaming! But thank God, it was true, and I hope all terrorists have the same intention. The police declared that this attitude of those terrorists is a positive one, and it will make the police act and behave positively towards these surrendering terrorists. We ask God that it may be a step to be followed by other steps! We ask the judicial institution to treat these terrorists with mercy, even though they shed blood and committed many crimes, as our Prophet, peace be upon him, taught us a lot about forgiveness and tolerance when we are powerful. We hope the Iraqi judiciary will ease the sentences and penalties as much as possible, in order to make a semi-deal between Iraq and these individual terrorists, not the organization, because we know their principles from A to Z. But if the organization is disintegrated in this way, it will fall apart. We ask God the Almighty to save and protect Iraq in any way. What matters is that we start building and cultivating, producing and investing, without any bloodshed! If these terrorists leave Iraq, we will be able to solve all our problems. Our economy is not less than that of Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates. The only difference is security and safety, and if we had those things, Iraq would be much better!

  • شبر حبيب


    I’m really happy with the efforts exerted by the anti-terrorism forces since they have made the most gigantic efforts in Iraq’s history. These forces wage attacks on terrorists and always gain victory. It is now evident that terrorists always seek a safe haven in Arab countries due to their political weakness while such terrorists don’t dare to do the same in non-Arab countries. The terrorists see Arabs as weak, particularly Iraq – which is undergoing unenviable conditions. Therefore, I believe that the Iraqis must be helped in order attain best results and do away with any terrorist crime that could undermine Iraqi citizens. I believe that Iraqi citizens are no longer able to tolerate further terrorist events and everyone had enough of such events. Hence, no effort must be spared in order to eliminate these terrorist groups and anti-terrorism forces must search for al-Qaeda members in their hideouts. They should also thwart any plot that al-Qaeda members intend to carry out and then arrest them In other words, what al-Qaeda members are thinking about must be known first in order to eliminate them forever. I’m optimistic about Iraq’s future and I wish that with this Iraq will have a better future.

  • ضي هاني


    I’m very proud of the Iraqi security forces for their attempts at improving their situation, searching for al-Qaeda and other terrorist in Iraq, and thwarting any attempt by the terrorists to undermine Iraq in any way. It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi security forces have arrested four terrorists who were about to carry out a terrorist attack, but god has guided the Iraqi security forces and enabled them to thwart this attempt and arrest one of the gunmen and three al-Qaeda members who were accused previously of other terror incident. In addition, the Iraqi security forces stormed the house of a fifth terrorist, but he escaped. Therefore, I thank the Iraqi police for their efforts and I wish them good luck always.