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Anti-regime protestors take to streets across Syria



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Syrian troops on Friday (May 25th) opened fire on activists who took to the streets across the country demanding regime change, AFP reported.

Several protesters were wounded by gunfire in the town of Houla in Homs province, where demonstrations took place despite shelling by the army, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Demonstrations were held in various parts of southern Deraa province and in several districts of Aleppo, where security forces fired on protesters in the Salah al-Din neighbourhood in a bid to disperse them, the Observatory said.

In Idlib province, clashes broke out between regime forces and opposition fighters, although there were no immediate reports of casualties.

In Damascus, protesters gathered at dawn in numerous residential districts in support of the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA), calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's downfall.

The Observatory said six civilians were killed Friday, among them three teenagers gunned down in the early morning by regime forces as they guarded their farm in Chizar village, Hama province.



    يوسف يوسف


    The killing perpetrated by this regime against its own people is unprecedented. No former regime has done such actions, and even though the armies of Tatars, Mongols and those who fought in world wars might have done similar actions, yet their actions were directed against their enemies, not their own people. This regime is committing such actions in the name of fake resistance and defiance of the West and the Americans. The army of the regime has put to death, not only people, but also all principles and values that constituted the hopes of developing nations in rising from the rubles.

  • اسود حلب


    Aleppo city… it is enough pride for you that you did not serve al-Assad, his family or his security systems. It is enough pride for you that you opposed al-Assad family publicly and privately Aleppo city. It is enough pride for you that you will continue the road till the fall of all the retardation and barbarism.

  • nazar


    The world states are required to start a humanitarian initiative in order to interfere immediately in the Syrian situation before this case turns into a civil war that will cause disasters to the whole region. We are required to work hard to remove this criminal who suppresses his people, because he did not miss any chance to harm them, while he is no more than a mad dog in the eyes of the others. Whenever they beat him, he moves his tail. This is how the criminals and the killers who have no conscience exploit the weak people in order to humiliate them. Hence, I call on all the honorable people worldwide to take a brave and responsible stance towards the acts of the horrible bloodshed and violation of the honors that started more than a year ago in Syria. This is necessary to apply the human rights principles that are demanded worldwide. They must be respected and protected!

  • أحمد


    I would like to draw the attention of all people to the fact that Bashar do not respect his people or have mercy upon them. He lies and tries to use meaningless words to deceive the people. This regime concluded many agreements to promote peace and end the violence in the country, however, the regime adopted deceptive methods to make the international decisions void. However, he may succeed in deceiving the world, but this deception will never convince the Syrian people, who realized the reality of this bloody and brutal regime, especially given that we live in the age of renaissance and scientific development. Hence, all facts will be published before the world to see them.

  • ابو مؤمن


    The regime started falling and because no one expected that Damascus will revolt. The people resisted in Homs, Hama, Dara, Damascus, Aleppo and all districts and cites of Syria and said no to the regime. However, the revolutionaries did not find any outlet except in the capital Damascus, which was silent in the past. However, every moment proves that the regime is stupid and narrow-minded, because it cannot shell the capital and this means that the demonstrations will continue and become stronger every day in Damascus.

  • موسى


    From when you should start? How do you want me to scream against a father who killed and destroyed? We asked for the help of the Arabs and the Muslims but you did not respond. Whom do you want us to ask for help? We eat the leaves of the trees and sleep in the open. O Arabs, from whom we should complain? Should we complain from the Arabs or from the regime? O Arabs, everything is dead and the ongoing murder and destruction did not happen in history not even in the films of Hollywood. All Arabs are partners in killing us.